Outland Denim is our highest rated brand. Here’s why.

Here at Eco-Stylist we have a saying: “Dress like you give a damn.” Outland Denim is the perfect example of a brand that lives up to that standard.

Outland Denim was originally founded to provide job training and steady employment for women who are survivors of sex trafficking. They may have started out small, but have since grown due to their inspiring mission and impact, as well as endorsements from eco-conscious celebrities such as Meghan Markle and Leonardo DiCaprio.

As of now, the company has managed to provide stable employment at a living wage to over 750 clothing makers. Outland Denim’s commitment to transparency, maker empowerment, and sustainability has made them Eco-Stylist’s top-rated brand and we’re proud to award them our Gold rating.

How Do We Rate Brands?

Our brand ratings are powered by Remake’s sustainable brand criteria and evaluate brands based on Transparency, Fair Labor, and Sustainably Made. This is a high bar – so any brand that passes is a sustainable fashion leader.

Of those leaders, we have ranked them by three rating levels: Certified, Silver, and Gold. Certified brands score between a 50-67, Silver brands score a 68-84, and Gold brands score an 85 or higher on our criteria.

Outland Denim is one of only a few brands (out of 50+ brands) that have managed to meet the high standards of the Gold rating. You can learn more about what that means here.

Why is Outland Denim Rated Gold?

Outland Denim goes above and beyond when it comes to ethics and sustainability, scoring a 85/100 possible points. To understand their score, we’ve broken it down into three categories: Transparency, Fair Labor, and Sustainably Made.


Outland Denim received full credit for transparency. The company provides info on everything from where they source their cotton to the renewable energy company that provides the power for their Australian headquarters.

Fair Labor

From day one, Outland Denim has ensured that all their makers are paid a living wage. They’ve also gone above and beyond, whether it be providing transportation to makers who need a ride to work or instituting education programs for their employees.

Their supply chain is completely free of slave labor or exploitative practices and they support the rights of growers through their direct trade program.

Source: Outland Denim

Sustainably Made

Outland Denim understands the impact our clothes have on the environment. All of their denim is dyed using Indigofera, a natural indigo dye that’s safer for the planet.

Outland Denim partners with Frameless Asia and Packer Leather to deliver their signature brand patches sustainably. Their Frameless Asia patches are made with zero harmful chemicals and all their leather patches come from a local family-owned leather company in Queens, Australia.

You can learn more about Outland’s sustainable practices here.


Across the board, Outland Denim goes above and beyond. Their stable employment program for women who have experienced sex trafficking is currently providing support to 750 women.

Outland Denim understands that by taking care of their makers and the planet, they can make real and meaningful social change. As our highest ranked brand, we promise, this is a company you can feel good about buying from.

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