See Eco-Stylist’s Disclosure Policy, how we make money, how we choose which brands to partner with, and why we do what we do. For anything else give us a shout.

Eco-Stylist earns a commission from the ethical brands we promote. We don’t take money from just any brand. First, we research the brands with our sustainable brand criteria. Then, if a brand passes, we ask them to support our work with a small commission on the sales we bring them. This model helps keep Eco-Stylist free for you to use, while also helping us keep the lights on!

Our blog posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through those links, you won’t pay a cent more, but we’ll get a small commission, which helps us keep the lights on. Thank you for supporting our work.

Eco-Stylist approved brands sometimes send us free products to review. We only accept free products from brands that have already passed our sustainable brand criteria. Even then, we only promote gifted products that we actually like and believe in.

At Eco-Stylist all ethical and sustainable brands are first researched with Remake’s sustainable brand criteria. This framework looks at the brand’s impact on both people and the environment. If a brand isn’t ethical towards its people we don’t believe it’s truly sustainable.

Absolutely not. We only promote brands that first pass our criteria. When a brand approaches us for a partnership we first see if they look like a good fit. If they do, we add them to our list of brands to research.

Fashion brands must first pass our sustainable brand criteria, and if they do we may form an affiliate partnership with them.

For non-fashion brands (think skin care, jewelry, sustainable banks) we may create sponsored content if they are value aligned with Eco-Stylist. Since our criteria is designed for fashion it isn’t always the best lens for say, evaluating a bank. In these cases we look for value alignment in their mission, their impact, B Corporation status, etc.

TLDR; We only partner with brands we believe in.

We spend our money 2 ways: on growing the business and our people. Our mission it to create a world where all clothing shopping is ethical and sustainable. To that aim, the more awareness we can build the greater our impact.

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