What is Eco-Stylist?

We started Eco-Stylist to bring men into the sustainable fashion conversation. Today, we’re doing even more.

We know it can be difficult to figure out if the clothes you’re buying check all the right boxes. Do the materials used to make your shirt have a negative impact on the environment? Are the people who stitched together your jeans being paid fair wages? Does this even look good on me?

But before you call it quits and opt to buy the $15 sweatshirt from the fast fashion retailer that you know isn’t likely to be providing an acceptable workspace for their underpaid employees, know that we are doing the hard work of answering these questions for you. Using our sustainable brand criteria, we take the time to thoroughly research brands before we choose to partner with them. This criterion takes into consideration a number of factors, including transparency, environmental sustainability, maker well-being, use of sustainable raw materials, and the leadership of the brand within the ethical fashion sphere. If a brand passes, we partner with them and promote their products on our website.

Eco-Stylist is your guide to ethical fashion. To get ethical clothing picked just for you, try our personal shopping subscription. We also host a Sustainable Brands Directory for everyone, and curate stylish and sustainable clothing in an easy-to-use marketplace.

Our philosophy? Dress like you give a damn: the act of looking sharp and living your values. Eco-Stylist makes it easy to do both.

Our Team

Garik Himebaugh Eco-Stylist

Garik Himebaugh | Founder

Garik is an international speaker on sustainable fashion. His journey took him from peace studies, to MBA student, to discovering social entrepreneurship and creating Eco-Stylist. He loves coffee, climbing, and clothes.

“When I get dressed I want to wear clothes that are a true expression of who I am, and with fast fashion that’s just not possible. Style is about aesthetics and values. I love knowing how each piece was made, so I can put together outfits that I feel good about and that I look good wearing.”

Adela Cardona Sustainability Writer Eco-Stylist

Adela Cardona | Writer

Adela is a Colombian storyteller, content maker, strategy consultant, & event producer, specializing in sustainable fashion, mental health, and gender issues. She’s the co-founder of the Open Mic @mujeresnograciosas and the podcast @labombillerapodcast.

“I have enjoyed fashion since I was a kid emulating my glamorous grandma and mom, and I think the creativity and joy of apparel and beauty can be used for good. I believe it can be harnessed to reimagine and make a better world for people and the planet.”

Mackenzie Lorton Social Media at Eco-Stylist

Mackenzie Lorton | Social Media

Mackenzie is a student at the University of Iowa with a true passion for volunteering and using marketing to create a positive environment, and educating others.

“Dressing like you care not only helps you dress more efficiently but also helps the environment we live on. Thrifting is my main source of fashion; I love recycling clothes and turning a no longer wanted item into a piece that is cherished. It’s very important to buy sustainable brands to advocate for a change in our clothing industries.”
Celia Wiseman

Celia Wiseman | Writer

Celia loves writing in all its forms. She’s written a screenplay, a small book of poems, and she’s working on her first novel.

“Dressing sustainably is an easy, tangible way to make a difference. I want to live a more sustainable lifestyle in general, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming because there are so many changes to be made. For me, dressing like I give a damn has been a simple and accessible first step.”

Our Story

It all started at a flea market in Boston...

“That’s where I met Peter Sacco, the founder of Adelante Made-to-Order. Peter does what all brands should do: he pays their workers in Guatemala above a living wage.

Inspired by this meeting, I thought why aren’t all clothes made this way? It shouldn’t require dozens of hours and hundreds of browser tabs to find clothes that are better for people and the planet.

With that in mind, Eco-Stylist was born. Founded in 2018 to answer one simple question: ‘can sustainable be dapper?’ — Eco-Stylist finds you clothes that look as good as the values they represent.

Dress like you give a damn.”

-Garik Himebaugh, Founder



As a young social enterprise, Eco-Stylist is powered by many passionate interns and volunteers. While they often graduate from Eco-Stylist to the next stage of their life, we are forever grateful to them for helping us build a future where all fashion is sustainable.

Payton Wensel at Eco-Stylist

Payton Wensel | Sustainability Team Lead

“Dressing like you give a damn is an easy way to reduce your environmental impact on the environment. By changing your wardrobe, you are taking a step in the right direction towards living a more sustainable life. Living a sustainable life is personally a large goal of mine.”

Nancy Sierras Morales

Nancy Sierras Morales | Product Innovation Manager

“Because being intentional in everything I do has helped me become conscious of not only myself but others, including planet earth. ‘Intention is one with cause and effect. Intention determines outcomes.’ I’m all about positive impactful outcomes.”

Ziwei Lu Eco-Stylist

Ziwei Lu | Social Media Marketing​

Caring about the sustainability of our planet is our social responsibility. Dressing like you give a damn gives us opportunities to produce a positive impact on the earth and reduce environmental harm.

Catherine McCourt Writer at Eco-Stylist

Catherine McCourt | Writer​

“I think it is important to dress like you give a damn because dressing sustainably is an easy thing to do for the environment. Fashion is constantly evolving and changing, and the way we shop should too.”

Brandon Sims

Brandon Sims | Technical Associate

“I want to feel good in my clothes, knowing I look sharp and that no one was exploited to make my shirt.”

Hillary Balmforth Personal Stylist at Eco-Stylist

Hillary Balmforth | Personal Stylist​

“I want my wardrobe to reflect my values. Wearing a beautiful and ethically created garment is a great conversation starter and a fun way to educate those around you.”

Asher Duncan Content Writer at Eco-Stylist

Asher Duncan | Writer

“It is important to dress like you give a damn because there are lives on the other side of every purchase. When you vote with your dollar by investing in clothes that support sustainability, living wages, and ethical practices, you are showing that you care about the people behind your clothes and the environment.”

Sydney Barlow Eco-Stylist

Sydney Barlow | Marketer

It’s important for me to dress like I give a damn because I know that nearly every item of clothing I’ve ever worn is still on this planet. Dressing sustainably now means ensuring a better future for those who come after me.
Teodora at Eco-Stylist

Teodora Zlateva | Social Media Manager​

“Because we need to start caring about our planet and the people before it’s too late.”

Tatianna Evanisko

Tatianna Evanisko | Editor

“We either start now, or we start in the future when we have no other choice.”

Olivia Perovic_Eco-Stylist

Olivia Perovic | Sustainability Analyst

“This planet is the only one we have! Not only that, human beings and living creatures around the world are suffering at the hand of the fast fashion industry. We must be mindful and remember what truly matters: community, happiness, and our planet. Not money and power.”

Sam Gugliemotto

Sam Gugliemotto | Marketer

“Like it or not, we put clothes on every day. We should take the opportunity to communicate who we are with our style and communicate our values with what we buy.”

Maya Sims

Maya Sims | Sustainability Analyst

“I believe every time consumers purchase a product they are voting, saying ‘make another one of these and make it exactly how you did.’ I think that consumers tend to forget about the ‘how’ part and that is why the fashion industry has led to a human rights crisis; but if we can reconnect the consumer with the makers we can reshape the fashion industry to be more sustainable for people and the planet.”

Julia Reichart

Julia Reichart | Sustainability Analyst

“Being conscious about my individual impact on the world is a daunting task, but making sure I source my clothing in an ethical and sustainable way is a fun, manageable way to start! I am privileged to be able to consume in a way that is in line with my values, so it is important to me to use my purchasing and advocacy powers to encourage companies to make ethical, sustainable production the norm rather than the exception.”

Supriya Singh at Eco-Stylist

Supriya Singh | Sustainability Analyst

“I dress like I give a damn because until last year I was oblivious to the impact my shopping sprees at fast fashion retailers were having. I remember standing at an H&M store and having a panic attack about the extensive array of clothing options available. Fashion and sustainability should not be mutually exclusive and while eradicating fast fashion is an ambitious dream, I am willing to work for it.”

Gabrielle Aranza Eco-Stylist

Gabrielle Aranza | Marketing

“I was privileged to exist in a bubble where I didn’t understand how my purchases affected the world. Now that bubble has burst, and I realize that my fashion choices have the power to create demand for production that is not exploitative of people and the planet. Why not be confident in how your clothes look AND their impact on the world?”

Kaitlyn Gray Writer at Eco-Stylist

Kaitlyn Gray | Writer

“It’s important to dress like I give a damn because every little impact matters, and if I can do even a small part in lessening my personal impact, I want to do that. It is important to learn how to change our lifestyles as the Earth needs us to and to be more aware of our consumption patterns, and their full effects on the environment and its people.”

Lily, Writer at Eco-Stylist

Lily Rosen Marvin | Writer

“I dress like I give a damn because we are already experiencing massive natural disasters resulting from climate change and I want to do everything in my power to reduce my impact on the planet.”

Kit Writer at Eco-Stylist

Kit George | Writer

“It is important to dress like you give a damn because it shows a conscious effort to impact the world in a meaningful way.”

Ryan Nielsen

Ryan Nielsen | Writer

“It’s important for me to feel comfortable in the things I wear – and that means being comfortable with the methods in which my clothes are produced. Feeling good about the things I wear is just as important as feeling good with how I look.”

Arabella Gonzalez Eco-Stylist

Arabella Gonzalez | Sustainability Analyst

“I think it is important to know where your clothes came from. Shopping for clothes is just like shopping for groceries, you want to buy the best quality product!”

Abby Bishop Eco-Stylist

Abby Bishop | Writer

“It can be difficult to know how you can make a difference, especially when it comes to protecting the environment. Buying clothing sustainably is one way you can choose to help protect our Earth. Dressing like you give a damn is an important step to eliminating fast fashion and the poor working conditions/negative environmental effects it produces.”

Lizzy at Eco-Stylist

Lizzy Fitzsimmons | Sustainability Analyst

“Everything we consume has consequences and we should aim to make the best impact we can!”

Roxanna Writer at Eco-Stylist

Roxanna Barbulescu | Writer

“It’s important to dress like you give a damn because the clothing I wear impacts the people who make them and the environment. While I can’t change the industry by myself, I can do my part, however small, by supporting ethical and sustainable businesses that support the people who make clothes and the environment.”

Architha Eco-Stylist

Architha Adiraju | Marketer

I dress like I give a damn because I love this world too much to do anything otherwise.
Emma Morgan Writer Eco-Stylist

Emma Morgan | Writer​

“Nothing makes me feel as confident as loving the outfit I am wearing. This means loving how it looks, feels, and most importantly how sustainably it was produced. Shopping sustainably is one way we can make a difference, and we can feel confident while doing it.”

Vilte Vaitkute Personal Stylist at Eco-Stylist

Viltė Vaitkutė | Personal Stylist

“Dressing like you give a damn means knowing where your clothes come from, voting with your dollar, and only buying what makes you look and feel good. It’s a way to be part of something larger than ourselves, and it’s a way to empower ourselves in the process.”

Zoe Hermsen

Zoe Hermsen | Social Media & Design

“Because a good style makes you memorable, and having a good style that’s also sustainable means longer-lasting items that are good for people and the planet.”

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