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The Rating System

The framework is comprehensive, evaluating the sustainability of a brand’s fabrics, the sustainability of the manufacturing facilities, the makers well-being, living wages, ethical leadership, and much more.

The criteria runs on a 0-100 point system, where brands have to earn every single point. There are no points just for showing up.

Brand that earn 50 points and above are the brands we partner with.

We are home to the most stylish and sustainable brands. However, we believe there is always room for improvement in making a more sustainable fashion marketplace.

So we created 3 tiers (Certified, Silver, Gold) to make it easier for you to shop by your values.

Our Principles

In order to ensure we only recommend you the best brands, we’ve added 3 principles that every brand must also meet.

1. The brand is not fast fashion.
2. The brand inspires us.
3. We trust the brand.

What does it mean to be a leader in the Sustainable Fashion Industry?


(Leadership, Diversity, and Inclusion)

At Eco-Stylist we measure sustainability by who we include.

The culture of a company is created by its people; the people who hold the most power within a company. We want to see an inclusive and diverse sustainable fashion industry and therefore we require POC within all levels of work, including senior level positions. At Eco-Stylist we work with brands that are inclusive on the basis of age, gender, identity, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political opinions, natural origins, and social origins.


An inclusive and diverse environment calls out internal prejudice, working to eliminate racial misconceptions, while supporting innovation and creating a sense of community for all.

We stand in solidarity with Remake to make the sustainable fashion industry more diverse and inclusive.

LDI in the Brand Rating

The LDI score (8 points) is made up of equal parts DEI and leadership within sustainability. What does that mean exactly? It’s comprised of these three questions:

    • Does the company take a stand to encourage less and more ethical production and consumption (even when this eats into their profits)?
    • Is senior leadership heterogeneous with POC making up a reasonable % of the Board/C-Suite where reasonable is a reflection of the makeup of where the company HQ is based (in the US at least 20%)?
    • Does the company have efforts to encourage an inclusive workplace and prevent discriminatory practices?

Together these questions make up 8 points, and brands need 50 points to pass. Learn more here.

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