Outland Denim is our highest rated brand. Here’s why.

Outland Denim Our Highest Rated Brand

Here at Eco-Stylist we have a saying: “Dress like you give a damn.” Outland Denim is the perfect example of a brand that lives up to that standard. Outland Denim was originally founded to provide job training and steady employment for women who are survivors of sex trafficking. They may […]

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What Happened to Alternative Apparel?

How Sustainable is Alternative Apparel?

Atlanta-based brand, Alternative Apparel was established back in 1995. They were pioneers in sustainable and ethical fashion, and naturally, as the sustainability market grew so did the company. Under their original ownership, they were able to pass our sustainable brand criteria (powered by Remake) with a score of 53/100. But things […]

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Ethical Fashion Certifications You Need to Know

The Complete Guide to Sustainable Fashion Certifications

With the rise of ethical fashion, many fashion brands are attempting to grow their audiences by using greenwashing techniques. Greenwashing is when a brand claims that their clothing is sustainable in order to get you to buy from them, when in fact they are not all that sustainable. A customer with […]

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Is Organic Cotton Sustainable? Here’s What You Need to Know

Is Organic Cotton Sustainable? Here's What You Need to Know

Due to the wasteful methods used in the production of non-organic cotton, some skepticism has popped up around this fabric as a sustainable option. However, there’s a big difference between traditional cotton and its organic counterpart. When considering the environmental and human impacts in comparison to other materials, organic cotton […]

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Fast Fashion: This Curve Needs to Be Flattened Too

Fast Fashion This Curve Needs to Be Flattened Too

The response to Covid-19 has been massive; countries all over the world have enacted widespread social distancing measures and numerous other policies such as mandatory face masks. Of course, this hasn’t just been on the governmental level, citizens have also taken steps to respond to Covid-19.  The response to Covid-19 […]

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