How to Become a (More) Sustainable Brand

Clothing brands often ask us how they can be more ethical and sustainable. Here’s a few resources we’ve come across and recommend from the sustainable fashion world.

Eco-Stylist Certified

Get Eco-Stylist Certified

Want to get your brand featured on Eco-Stylist? We offer a service that includes expedited research results and help getting your brand Certified (if any gaps are found). Getting Certified validates your brand's sustainability and puts you in front of conscious consumers.

Green Story Zero in on Neutrality

Go Carbon Neutral with Green Story

Is your brand interested in going carbon neutral? 77% of consumers prefer carbon neutral products – and Green Story has done the vetting, development and calculations to create a ready-to-use carbon offset solution tailored to convert your customers by offsetting your supply chain’s emissions. We’ve partnered with our friends at Green Story to offer brands 50% off the base fee for a year, with referral code: EcoStylistCO2.

Sourcing Playground - Source for Finding Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers

Sourcing Playground - Find Ethical Suppliers

Looking for ethical and sustainable suppliers for your clothing brand? Sourcing Playground can help. They connect you to suppliers with ethical and sustainable certifications, and they do the added due diligence of verifying that a factory’s certifications are real and valid.


Go Circular with Recurate

Circularity is one of the things we look for on our criteria, earning brands like Patagonia and Taylor Stitch points for taking back, repairing, and reselling their clothes. But the cost of a program like WornWear can be prohibitive to a small brand. That’s why we partnered with our friends at Recurate to help smaller brands that are interested in incorporating circularity, at a much lower price. They utilize a Shopify app to allow you to resell your customers to resell your brand’s second-hand clothes right on your website, keeping those clothes in the loop and keeping your customers on your site. If this is something you’d like to discuss more contact us to jump on a 15 minute call.

Common Objective - The LinkedIn for Sustainable Fashion

Common Objective - Networking

Looking to connect with other sustainable fashion professionals? Common Objective can help. They are “the LinkedIn of sustainable fashion.” Sign up for free to start connecting with suppliers, marketers, other brands, consultants, and more.

Green Story - Tell Your Sustainability Story with Data

Quantify Your Impact with Green Story

Looking to quantify you environmental impact? Green Story can help your brand tell its sustainability story with data. How much water are you saving by using organic cotton? And what if you switch to hemp? Green Story can help you quantify that impact and show it right to your customers.

Factory 45 - Sustainable Fashion Accelerator

Factory 45 - Accelerator Program

Planning to start a sustainable fashion brand? Factory 45 is an accelerator program just for entrepreneurs like you. You’ll find that a list of successful sustainable brands have come from their previous cohorts. If you’re not sure where to begin, this might be a good place to start.

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