At Eco-Stylist you shop by your values.

Sustainable fashion is about making clothes in ways that are responsible to the planet and to the people who are making them. Sustainability puts the planet and people first by treating the people who are making your clothes with respect, providing good jobs, and making clothes with the lowest carbon footprint possible all while producing profits through open and honest intentions.

We’ve created a community of sustainable fashion brands to make it easier for you to shop by your values, and this is how we did it.

Transparency_I Made Your Clothes_Fashion Revolution

Clothes are made by people and when they become invisible they are often exploited. Transparency is the first step towards changing that.

Keep it simple. Keep it honest. Keep it real.

We look at who is making the product and where the product is being made. We want to trace the journey of a product’s components from start to finish, from the moment the raw material is sourced, to when the finished product lands in your hands.

*Meet the Makers of one of our certified brands Known Supply.

Fair Labor_Indigenous
Fair Labor

The Golden Rule. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

The maker is treated humanely. This includes ensuring they have a voice by giving them dignified employment through earning a living wage and increasing their access to essential services such as health care and child care. 

We also expect companies to actively invest in the communities where they operate, with the goal to improve the lives of the people who live there.

Sustainably Made Pillar
Sustainably Made

We seek out brands that make clothes in ways that are kinder to the planet. 

This is achieved by using eco-friendly materials, investing in renewable energy, and launching programs to reduce carbon footprint and water usage. 

We also love when brands invest in circularity, a model that keeps clothes, made from safe and renewable materials, in use and out of the trash.

What does it mean to be a leader in the Sustainable Fashion Industry?

(Leadership, Diversity, and Inclusion)

At Eco-Stylist we measure sustainability by who we include.

The culture of a company is created by its people; the people who hold the most power within a company. We want to see an inclusive and diverse sustainable fashion industry and therefore we require POC within all levels of work, including senior level positions. 

At Eco-Stylist we work with brands that are inclusive on the basis of age, gender, identity, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political opinions, natural origins, and social origins.


An inclusive and diverse environment calls out internal prejudice, working to eliminate racial misconceptions, while supporting innovation and creating a sense of community for all.

We stand in solidarity with Remake to make the sustainable fashion industry more diverse and inclusive.

“Dress like you give a damn”

We are home to the most stylish and sustainable brands. However, we believe there is always room for improvement in making a more sustainable fashion marketplace. 

So we created 3 tiers to make it easier for you to shop by your values: Certified, Silver, & Gold.

Want to Know More?

Filter By Your Values

All of the products in our shop contain one or more of these badges to help you shop by your values.



Eco-Friendly brands use organic cotton and sustainable materials, turn recycled plastic bottles into fabric, use renewable energy, reduce carbon footprint, plant trees, and much more.

Fair for People

Fair for People

From the cotton farmers to the garment workers, these brands pay fair wages, working towards if not achieving living wages across the supply chain.



When it comes to animals we don’t compromise. These products are vegan.