Eco-Stylist has been featured in Forbes, Goodonyou, Remake, Cause Artist, Eco Warrior Princess, and on over 20 podcasts including Conscious Chatter and American Fashion Podcast. See some of our media features below. For press inquiries contact us.

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Featured in Bloomberg

Article title: Fast-Fashion Behemoth Shein Says It’s Cleaning Up Its Act. Will Anyone Buy It? Quote: "'Shein is like a red flag to anyone focused on sustainability,' says Garik Himebaugh, founder of Eco-Stylist, an Austin-based social enterprise group that scores companies on their commitment to sustainability. It gave Shein zero points out of a possible 100 in its most recent analysis. Zara and H&M each got about 30 points. Of about 300 companies surveyed by Eco-Stylist, Shein was the only major brand to receive a score of zero."

Brightly Good Together Podcast Fast Fashion

Good Together Podcast by

Eco-Stylist was featured on the podcast! Episode title: "How to (Finally!) Break Up with Fast Fashion for Good, According to an Expert."

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Interviewed by PitchBook

Eco-Stylist founder, Garik Himebaugh, was interviewed by startup / investor resource PitchBook for an article titled "ESG's big test: Fast fashion, and a $100B fashion juggernaut." The article is about the rise of ultra fast fashion brand SHEIN, and whether or not the brand can ever be sustainable.

22 Minutes to Having it All Podcast Marlo Higgins

22 Minutes to Having it All Podcast

Featured on Marlo Higgins podcast. Episode title "Garik Himebaugh: Making Legacy-Building Decisions."

Fashion Rewired Podcast

"How Garik Himebaugh, an MBA student from the University of Iowa REWIRED his career goals into fashionable entrepreneurship and became THE ECO-STYLIST."

Eco-Stylist featured in Forbes

Featured in Forbes

“Garik Himebaugh is the founder of Eco-Stylist. ‘I still remember how betrayed I felt the first time I learned how unsustainable the fashion industry is,’ he says. ‘I used to buy clothes from brands like Express, H&M, and Forever 21 because they were convenient, trendy, and honestly, they were right in front of me. I then came across some shocking information, such as the low wages paid to factory workers and the environmental destruction. When I discovered sustainable brands, it felt like common sense to support them.'” -From the article 10 Slow Fashion Brands Committed To Sustainability

Demo Day Alumni Profile - Eco Stylist

Meet the 12 Ventures Pitching at Demo Day 2022

SEED SPOT hosted an alumni Demo Day for impact companies to pitch to the public. Eco-Stylist was one of the twelve finalists!

40 Social Entrepreneurs to Watch 2021

40 Social Entrepreneurs to Watch for in 2021

Eco-Stylist founder, Garik Himebaugh, was featured in Cause Artist’s roundup of 40 Social Entrepreneurs to Watch for in 2021. “Eco-Stylist is an online marketplace for eco-conscious and ethically made men’s clothing. Founded to answer one simple question: ‘can sustainable be dapper?’ — Eco-Stylist finds you clothes that look as good as the values they represent.”

New Sustainable Brand Ratings at Eco-Stylist

Press Release

Title: New Sustainable Brand Ratings Make it Easier Than Ever to Dress Like You Give a Damn. “Shopping for sustainable clothing has become the new normal. The good? People are giving a damn about the impact they make with their fashion choices. The bad? In turn, shoppers are finding themselves lost in a storm of open browser tabs hosting conflicting information about what’s sustainable in the first place.We’ve all been there — you feel good after reading one media outlet’s ‘Top 10 Sustainable Brands’ list, only to find yourself, five minutes later, taking a stroll through another news story, blog, or Reddit post with contradicting information.”


10 Impact Entrepreneurs in Business to Watch in 2021

Eco-Stylist founder, Garik Himebaugh, was featured in Goodcarts roundup of 10 Impact Entrepreneurs in Business to Watch in 2021. “Eco-friendly never looked so good. Garik Himebaugh is the founder of Eco-Stylist, an online-marketplace for ethically and sustainably made men’s clothing. Garik created a space where consumers could shop apparel according to their style AND values. He’s strategically chosen retailers that provide clothing that is fair-trade, sustainable, and transparent. So customers don’t have to do the work themselves. Garik is changing the way people shop clothing and apparel, and is sure to expand his impact in the coming year.”

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Featured by GoodonYou

Title: Ethical Fashion for Men With Eco-Stylist. “We started with menswear because we saw it was an underserved segment of sustainable fashion. For sustainable fashion to be the norm, we need everyone on board.” – Garik Himebaugh


Interview by Beckett Simonon

Eco-Stylist founder Garik Himebaugh was interviewed by Adela Cardona, sustainability director at Beckett Simonon. Learn about our founder, how Eco-Stylist started, and what inspires us.


Disruptors for Good Podcast: Episode 118

"In episode 118 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast I speak with Garik Himebaugh, Founder of Eco-Stylist, on the state of the sustainable fashion industry and creating a one-of-a-kind personal styling experience for conscious consumers."


Hey Change Podcast: Episode 87

Title: Mindful Holidays & Sustainable Fashion with Garik Himebaugh the Eco-Stylist. "What mindful gifting can look like during the holiday season and how we can be intentional with how we express love for the people we care about while being kind to the planet. Then Robin joins Garik Himebaugh, founder of Eco-Stylist, for a conversation about what makes a brand sustainable, men’s role in sustainable fashion, greenwashing and what the future of fashion looks like."


Double Exposure: Greenwashing and Ethical Fashion (w/ Garik Himebaugh)

"Welcome to another episode of Double Exposure. This podcast will uncover issues and topics around the arts/culture and fashion industry. This episode features Garik Himebaugh. Garik is a fashion enthusiast based in the United States with passion for ethical fashion. He is the founder of Eco Stylist, a company on a mission to make styling easier and more ethical."


Change is Now Podcast

"What is your go-to outfit when you are wanting that extra boost of confidence? There is something to be said about dressing for how you want to show up in the world. We are so excited to chat with today’s guest, Garik Himebaugh, Founder of The Eco Stylist. Garik shares his own personal journey of finding confidence through the way you dress and discovering sustainable fashion. From his knowledge of fashion and sustainability, Garik created a business styling men. Tune in to hear what the process of creating a new wardrobe looks like, and how to do it sustainably."


Featured on Alisa Koz

Title: Meet Eco Stylist: How to Dress Like You Give a Damn + Menswear Capsule. In this interview with Alisa Koz, founder of, we explore how to build a sustainable capsule wardrobe for men, and so much more!


The Creekcast Podcast: Episode 25

"In this episode we bring on the founder of Eco-Stylist to talk about the impact of fast fashion, the fashion industry as it stands, and what does it hold for the future? Eco-Stylist tries to bring down the damaging corporate reality that exists through offering other alternatives to something that might feel like there are not many options."


Interview by epop

"Sustainable fashion is a term that's thrown around quite a lot these days. And it can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. The question is - what does sustainable fashion really mean? In this video, we talk to Garik Himebaugh, owner and founder of Eco Stylist. Garik is going to offer his perspective on all things sustainable fashion, greenwashing, and starting his own sustainable fashion business."

11 Ways to Start Living Sustainably at Home

Featured by Redfin

Redfin featured us on their blog for the article titled "11 Ways to Start Living Sustainably at Home." Check it out for eco-friendly living tips to practice at home.

Clotheshorse Podcast

The Clotheshorse Podcast: Episode 95

Title: The Greenwashing Detective Academy (featuring Garik of Eco-Stylist). Did you know that 60% of sustainability claims by fashion giants are greenwashing? If you're interested in what greenwashing is, examples in fashion, and how to spot it then this deep dive episode is for you.

Eco Warrior Princess Logo

Eco Warrior Princess

Eco-Stylist wrote this thought piece Brands Aren’t People Too: Why it’s the Humans Behind the Brands That Should Be Made Accountable for popular sustainable fashion blog, Eco Warrior Princess.

The Good Shopping Guide

The Good Shopping Guide

As featured within The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Fashion Directory.


The ANIMA ANIMUS Podcast: Episode 5

"This week, we’re sitting down with Garik Himebaugh, founder and Chief Stylist behind the Eco-Stylist, which is an online marketplace for ethical and sustainable menswear clothing. Founded in 2018 to answer one simple question: “can sustainable be dapper?” – The Eco-Stylist helps men (or women who are shopping for men!) discover great clothing that represent their values."

Built in Iowa Podcast

"On today's episode we have Garik Himebaugh from Eco-Stylist. Eco-Stylist is located in Iowa City and Garik founded the company in 2018. Garik is originally from Washington, DC and moved to Iowa to attend the MBA program at the University of Iowa. While in the MBA program, Garik won startup weekend with an idea that was the beginning of Eco-Stylist."

Disruptors for Good Podcast

Disruptors for Good Podcast: Episode 65

In episode 65 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, host Grant Trahant speaks with Garik Himebaugh, founder of Eco-Stylist on going from peace worker, to MBA student, to discovering social entrepreneurship and creating a sustainable fashion marketplace for men.

Eluxe Awards 2020 Best Menswear Brand

2020 Eluxe Awards Winner - Best Menswear Brand

Eco-Stylist won the 2020 Eluxe Awards for Best Menswear Brand! The awards are given out by Eluxe Magazine, a go-to destination for sustainable luxury. Here’s what hey had to say: “Love this site. It gives me great ideas for gifts. It’s easy to navigate, offers loads of different styles and types of clothing, and is kind of like a sustainable Net A Porter for ethical and eco menswear!”


Guest Post for Sustain Your Style

How to Build a New Wardrobe for a New You, Sustainably: “Dear Conscious Consumer, This is for you — someone looking to make a change. As you’ve grown and evolved, you may have found yourself in a new career, a new relationship, and yes – wanting a new wardrobe. You might be itching to throw out the old, quickly replace it all with new, and close the door on the old you. Don’t. Don’t let yourself get caught in the same old pattern of toss, buy, repeat. It’s easy enough to do but you’re a new you, a more mindful you.”

Sustain Your Style Guest Post

Guest Post on Sustain Your Style

Bringing Men into the Sustainable Fashion Agenda: If you’ve spent much time in sustainable fashion communities, whether that entails shopping with different brands, reading thought pieces or engaging in online discussions, you’ve probably noticed that these spaces are often founded and led by women. Women also make up the majority of the activists and engaged community members in these spaces. And to be clear: that’s a great thing. But you may be wondering: “where are the guys in sustainable fashion?”

The Good Tee

Interview by The Good Tee

“Sustainability expert Solitaire Townsend famously said, ‘Wear clothes that matter.’ Gone are the days when sustainable fashion was unheard of, and the only few options that were available, catered only to women. Let’s face the facts, sustainable fashion and styling has always been harder for men than women with limited options and access to ethical brands. Are things changing for the better?”

The Fairlosophy Podcast

Fairlosophy Podcast Season 1 Episode 25

“The podcast on Fair Trade, Ethical Fashion, and Sustainability. Join Jackie Costello and Jen Parlin as they take a dive into the world of fair trade fashion with special guests of brands you should know about! ”In this episode Jen chats with Garik Himebaugh, founder of Eco-Stylist, a sustainable marketplace for men.

Green Living Magazine June July 2020

Green Living Magazine June - July 2020

Eco-Stylist was featured on pages 32-26 of Green Living Magazine. “In fact, Himebaugh describes Eco-Stylist as ‘uncompromising.’ Whether it’s upcycled hats or hemp pants, he believes that style doesn’t have to be sacrificed in order to wear eco-friendly clothing alternatives.” “You can be stylish and true to your values and sustainable; you don’t have to choose just one. At Eco-Stylist, ‘dress like you give a damn’ means the act of looking sharp without compromising your values. Our mission is to help you do that.”

Eco-Stylist Demo Day

Interview for the SEED SPOT Impact Accelerator

Get to know Eco-Stylist, how it all began, where the startup is heading, and the experience of going through an impact accelerator program in Phoenix, AZ.

The Zero Waste Countdown Podcast

Zero Waste Countdown Podcast Episode 89

Garik joins ZWC host, Laura Nash, to chat fast fashion, price per wear, the benefits of tailoring, how to choose sustainable brands, and even Billie Eilish!

Garik Himebaugh Pitching Eco-Stylist for SEED SPOT

Eco-Stylist Gets Accepted into the SEED SPOT Impact Accelerator

Meet the 12 ventures selected for SEED SPOT’s 2020 Impact Accelerator program in Phoenix, AZ. Eco-Stylist is honored to be one of them.

Eco-Stylist x Conscious Chatter Episode 156

Conscious Chatter Podcast Episode 156

“Can sustainable be dapper?” Kestrel Jenkins chats with our founder Garik to answer this question. They also dive into who the go-to brands are in the ethical men’s space, the need for diversity of models in slow fashion, and much more.

Underunderstood Podcast H&M’s Sustainable Billie Eilish Line is a Lie

Underunderstood Podcast Season 2

The Underunderstood’s slogan: “the internet doesn’t have all the answers. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find them. ”In this episode they dive into H&M’s claim that the new Billie Eilish collection is sustainably made, and they reach out to Garik, founder of Eco-Stylist, for some of the answers. Checkout The media fell for H&M’s greenwashing, but did Billie Eilish?

Pre-Loved Podcast with host Emily Stochl

Pre-Loved Podcast Season 4 Ep 9

Eco-Stylist was featured on a special episode of the Pre-Loved Podcast all about Men Who Thrift. Here’s the line-up from host, Emily Stochl: “First up is Garik, the founder of men’s ethical fashion marketplace Eco-Stylist and my IRL fellow-Iowan friend. Next up is Justin, a fashion content creator who is into thrift and sustainable living. Finally, we have Christian of CTwentyTwo, a vintage tees & more shop he established in 2016 out of Dallas, TX.”

The Sustainable Lifestyle Podcast

Sustainable Lifestyle Podcast Episode 30

In episode 30, hosts Lauren and Kaitlynn, both themselves sustainable personal stylists, chat with Eco-Stylist founder, Garik, about the world of sustainable men’s fashion. Join our conversation as we explore habits of male shoppers, who influences their buying decisions, and whether or not guys are concerned about eco-friendly being perceived as feminine.


Enlighten Me Podcast: Episodes 42 and 43

"Sustainable fashion. Ethical fashion. Fast fashion. These are terms we’ve all heard before; these are things I’ve even discussed on the show before! But, for some reason this tends to be a female-dominated conversation. Well, that stops here! For today’s episode, I got to interview a leading entrepreneur in the sustainable men’s wear industry - Garik Himebaugh, founder of Eco-Stylist. To view the full show notes, continue reading here or visit my website:"

Practical(ly) Zero Waste Podcast Episode 72 Ethical Men's Fashion

Practical(ly) Zero Waste Podcast Episode 73

“The fashion scene is changing, ethical and sustainable clothing is on the rise, and Eco-Stylist is making things simple for sourcing ethical clothing for men too. In today’s chat with Garik Himebaugh of Eco-Stylist, an online marketplace for sustainably and ethically made men’s clothing. Founded to answer one simple question: ‘can sustainable be dapper?’ — They find you clothes that look as good as the values they represent.”

These Conscious Talks Podcast

These Conscious Talks Podcast Episode 56

Where are the men in sustainable fashion? Host Ricardo Palma chats with Eco-Stylist founder, Garik Himebaugh, to answer this question, and a whole lot more!“…our mission is to make it easier for men to make a sustainable or ethical choice over the conventional options…” – Garik Himebaugh

Garik at Eco-Stylist

Interview with Remake

Article: What About the Guys? A Look at Sustainable Men’s Fashion with Garik Himebaugh. “Pressure from consumers and the industry will be a strong driving force in slowing down fast fashion. The reluctance these brands have shown to change their ways thus far makes it clear that they won’t do it on their own.”

L.A. Factory Makes Major Sustainability Goal & Backs It Up With Tech

Quoted by Apparel News

Article: L.A. Factory Makes Major Sustainability Goal & Backs It Up With Tech. “GOTS-certified factories that manufacture in the U.S. are quite rare, which is why I am especially excited to see manufacturers like UStrive taking a position of leadership and obtaining the certification,’ he said. ‘Not many clothing certifications cover the manufacturing process from raw materials all the way to the finished product like GOTS does.”

Garik Himebaugh Founder of Eco-Stylist on the Wise Consumer Podcast

The Wise Consumer Podcast Season 2

The Wise Consumer host, Madeleine Wisecup, chats with Eco-Stylist founder, Garik Himebaugh to discuss sustainable men’s fashion. Highlights: “Friends don’t let friends throw away their clothes. Americans throw away ~80 pounds of clothes per person per year. That’s crazy.” “It’s refreshing to know that brands and the people behind them are out there changing that paradigm and that we can all be a part of that change.” “I am the solution to all of my problems.”

Eco-Stylist on the Social Change Career Podcast Season 5

The Social Change Career Podcast Season 5 Episode 6

We chat with the host of The Social Change Career Podcast, Dr. Catalina Rojas, to explore fashion, sustainability, and how sustainable fashion can be a career path to social change. “If you think that fashion is a shallow thing and it has nothing to do you or the state of the world, think again. NOT thinking about the quality of your clothes could be problematic, as well as what you buy and where you buy. So let’s talk fashion & sustainability.”

Green Story The Top 5 Tools for Ethical Shopping This Fall

Guest Post for Green Story

Article: The Top 5 Tools for Ethical Shopping This Fall. We wrote this piece for our friends at Green Story. Green Story uses data to help sustainable brands quantify their environmental impact and better tell that story. In the article we dive into 5 cures for greenwashing and a whole lot more!

Eco-Stylist Offers Men Sustainable and Ethical Clothing

Featured in the Corridor Business Journal

The Corridor Business Journal featured Eco-Stylist in their cover article of August, 2019 titled Clothes With a Cause and published online September 2019! Excerpt from the article: “I really look at brands holistically and I want them to do both things – from a sustainability perspective, focus on the environment and, ethically, offer people fair wages and safe working conditions.” Photos by Miranda Meyer.

Ethical Hour Podcast Episode 33 with Eco-Stylist

Ethical Hour Podcast Episode 33

Ethical Hour host, Sian Conway chats with Eco-Stylist founder, Garik Himebaugh to discuss Making Ethical Fashion Accessible to All. Highlights: Menswear is often under-represented in the sustainable fashion sector. What is Eco-Stylist doing to bring stylish and sustainable clothing to the mainstream? Finding sustainably and ethically made clothes can be hard work, but it shouldn’t be. Start-up life, building an ethical brand, the complexities of the ethical fashion industry, and how Eco-Stylist is giving back through 1% For The Planet.

Garik Himebaugh of Eco-Stylist on the Business With Purpose Podcast

Business with Purpose Podcast Episode 143

Host Molly Stillman, of Still Being Molly, chats with Eco-Stylist founder, Garik Himebaugh. Topics they discuss: How Garik got into sustainable fashion, Speaking the language of men, How Eco-Stylist started and what we do, Little changes lead to big impacts, Unifying the sustainable fashion community, And more!

Iowa City River Cleanup for Earth Day

Featured by the Office of Sustainability and the Environment

The Office of Sustainability and the Environment at the University of Iowa featured us in an article titled How two sustainable entrepreneurs are making Iowa City a better place. In it they discuss how two Iowa City entrepreneurs, Garik Himebaugh of Eco-Stylist, and Michael Simon of Clean River Solutions, came together and organized a river cleanup for Earth Day 2019. The event was sponsored by United by Blue.


Collaboration with Lauren Engelke

We collaborated with fellow eco-stylist, Lauren Engelke, to write this spring fashion piece. The premise of the piece is: what would you wear to the cherry blossom festival in Tokyo? Check it out for ethical him and hers style inspiration. Lauren Engelke is a sustainable personal stylist and you can find her on the gram.

Garik Himebaugh Eco-Stylist JPEC Interview

Interview for the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center

Eco-Stylist was featured in an article by the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center at the University of Iowa. In it they interview our founder Garik about starting Eco-Stylist while being a student at the university. Then they dive into passions, lessons, and where Eco-Stylist is going next!

American Fashion Podcast Episode 209

American Fashion Podcast Episode 209

We’re on the American Fashion Podcast! We answer the pivotal question: can men dress sustainably and ethically and also dress well? We also dive into sustainable materials, ethical fashion influencers, men’s brands, and much more.

Sustainable Living Podcast Episode 157 Eco-Stylist

Sustainable Living Podcast Episode 157

We’re on the Sustainable Living Podcast! In the episode titled Sustainable Fashion, Garik and Marianne explore the world of fashion. Did you know that the average American throws away 80 lbs. of clothing per year? That is right – not donates – throws away. This is just the tip of the iceberg of our discussion.

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