American Fashion Podcast Episode 209

We’re on the American Fashion Podcast! We answer the pivotal question: can men dress sustainably and ethically and also dress well? We also dive into sustainable materials, ethical fashion influencers, men’s brands, and much more.

Featured on Econáuta

We were featured in Alisa Koz’s article Clothes Make The Man: 8 Ethical Gentlemen Worth Following. 

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Sustainable Living Podcast Episode 157

We’re on the Sutainable Living Podcast! In the episode titled Sustainable Fashion, Garik and Marianne explore the world of fashion. Did you know that the average American throws away 80 lbs. of clothing per year? That is right – not donates – throws away. This is just the tip of the iceberg of our discussion.

Blog Post on DoneGood

We wrote a guest post for DoneGood titled The Ultimate Guide to Ethical Men’s Casual Wear. Learn the 5 simple guidelines to master men’s casual attire.

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