Your Guide to Sustainable and Ethical Mothers Day Gifts 2024

Mother’s Day is right around the corner!

If you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift that’s also better for the planet and the people who made it, you came to right place! In 2024 it’s ok to expect more from brands: to expect an incredible gift with an equally incredible impact—and what would make Mom happier?

9 Ethical Mothers Day Gifts 2024

Check out Eco-Stylist’s 9 picks for Mother’s Day gifts, all from Certified sustainable brands. Explore our brand ratings to learn more about how we rate and why these are great brands to support!

1. Moccasins | Adelante Made-to-Order

Mom’s work hard, which is why these cozy moccasins are the perfect gift to help Mom relax. Adelante Made-to-Order moccasins are high quality, handmade by artisans in Guatemala who are paid a true living wage.

This means not only will mom look good, but she can feel good knowing she’s supporting business as a force for good. Now, how’s that for a Mother’s Day gift?

Shop | $165

2. Mother’s Day Jewelry | Brilliant Earth

It’s no secret that Mom’s like jewelry and what better way to show your love than a stunning piece from Brilliant Earth. Made with materials like recycled metals, responsibly sourced stones, and ethical lab grown diamonds, it’s a gift for Mom and the earth.

The Premium Akoya Cultured Pearl Twist Pendant necklace, seen above, is our favorite Mother’s Day piece and it starts at $150. Shop the necklace or click the link below for one of Brilliant Earth’s other Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Shop | $95+

3. Biodegradable Sunglasses | Outerknown

Is your Mom a rock star? Hint: there’s only one right answer to that question.

Get her the gift that makes her feel like a rock star every day of the year. We love the OTIS sunglasses, sold at Outerknown, because they are 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable, and come in plastic-free packaging. How’s that for reducing plastic waste?

These sunglasses are made from an Eco-Acetate derived from cotton seed and wood pulp. OTIS sunglasses include a lifetime warranty and when your Mom is done with them she can return her used frames to OTIS for recycling.

Shop | $250

4. Mesa Cord Tacos | Parker Clay

I think we all know what Mom really wants: never to see unsightly tangled cords again. The mesa cord tacos are perfect for tidying up her chargers, headphones, and miscellaneous cables. 

To make this gift even better, Parker Clay creates opportunities for vulnerable women in Ethiopia to become economically independent, breaking free from cycles of unemployment and prostitution. They are also a certified B Corporation.

Shop | $24

5. Canvas Duffle Bag | Nisolo

Support your mom’s dreams of a post-quarantine vacation. This tote is perfect for a weekend trip, and it’s handmade in an ethical factory in Mexico. 

Nisolo partners with a non-profit organization called Climate Neutral to work towards measuring, reducing, and offsetting carbon emissions by the brand. This is becoming increasingly important since the clothing industry is one of the top 5 most polluting industries, and is responsible for 10% of the world’s carbon footprint. 

Shop | $220

6. Fleece Quarter-Zip | Patagonia

Since sometimes spring weather doesn’t quite know how to act, a quarter-zip sweater may be just what Mom needs. This fleece from Patagonia is made from 100% recycled fleece and is dyed using a low-impact process which reduces the water and energy used in production.

This quarter-zip has the desired aesthetic of wool, but it is made from recycled materials. Did you know that plastic bottles can be made into fabrics such as polyester, wool, cotton, and fleece? One pound of wool requires 101 gallons of water to produce. By purchasing recycled, sustainable clothing, you can help in keeping plastic pollution out of landfills and saving water and energy in production. 

Shop | $139

7. Bow Clutch | Fite Fashion

This bow clutch is a gift fit for a queen—and there is no question—Mom is a queen. Fite Fashion’s bow clutch is fancy, made in USA, and the perfect mother’s day gift.

Fite fashion specializes in slow fashion that’s made to order and designed to be better for the planet. Ethically made right in Philadelphia, PA.

Shop | $125

8. Granate Oil | Ten Thousand Villages

Know a Mom who loves skincare? That’s a rhetorical question.

This pomegranate oil is great for Mom’s skin with vitamin C, ph balancing, and a delightful scent. It’s also ethically sourced from Egypt by Ten Thousand Villages.

Shop | $45

9. Animals Socks Box | Conscious Step

The purchase of this three-pack of animal socks from Conscious Step will not only keep your mom’s feet warm and stylish, but it helps protect wildlife. A donation is given to three non-profits: Oceana, Conservation International, and Save Them All. 

These organizations work to protect the world’s oceans, combat illegal wildlife trafficking, and end the killing of dogs in animal shelters. Choose from this or other gift boxes supporting your favorite causes!

Shop | $44.95

Looking for More Ethical Mother’s Day Gifts?

Here’s a few more options from some of our favorite brands. 

  1. Peruse the beautiful handmade trinkets at Ten Thousand Villages.
  2. Shop our Women’s section.
  3. Get your mom some mismatched socks that start conversations from Voyce Threads.

What Mother’s Day gifts are you struggling to find this year?

*Article updated 4/24/24.

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