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You select the service you prefer.


You get your initial brand research results in 2 weeks, guaranteed.


We help you achieve your highest score and get featured on our website.


Stop searching for conscious consumers. We'll verify your sustainability and put your brand in front of the right people.

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Sustainable Fashion Certification

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to level up your brand’s sustainability reputation, we can help.

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Get listed in our directory of the most sustainable brands. Certification is guaranteed with 1-1 consulting included.


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Get Certified plus get your brand promoted to shoppers searching for sustainable fashion.


Consultants Who Know Sustainable Fashion

Garik Himebaugh Eco-Stylist CEO

“I’ve been working in sustainable fashion and researching brands for the last 5 years. I know the leaders and the best practices in transparency, fair labor, and sustainability. I can help your brand be among them.”

Founder, Eco-Stylist


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Due to a high volume of requests we no longer accept free brand submissions. We manage our own list of brands to research and it’s currently very long.

No. Most of the research we do is free and unfunded. Our paid plans offer the unique opportunity to jump to the top of our research cue and get 1-1 consulting to improve your brand’s sustainability.

No. While we would love to help every brand that fails to pass our criteria, we don’t have the time or funding to make that possible. Our Get Certified plans are the best way to get help passing our criteria with a custom roadmap just for your brand.

No. Once brands are in our directory we don’t charge any annual or recurring fee. Try to find a better deal in the sustainable fashion world. We’ll wait 🙂

Learn more about how we research brands here. The “Deep Dive” page delves into the entire criteria.

Contact us! We’d love to answer your question and we might even add it to the FAQs 🙂

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