Top 10 Sustainable Clothes Every Man Needs This Fall

Did you know that 67% of consumers take the sustainability of their clothes into consideration when looking for something new?

If this number surprises you, you’re not alone. Despite good intentions, ethical and sustainable shopping is still a small fraction of clothing purchases overall.

So what gives? Part of the reason for this mismatch is that finding sustainable clothes is not easy. One Google search and 20 tabs later, and you’ve found a bunch of brands you’ve never heard of without knowing who to trust.

That’s exactly why Eco-Stylist thoroughly researches every brand we recommend to you with Remake’s sustainable brand criteria. You can rest easy knowing your clothes were made to minimize their environmental impact and by people paid living wages.

With fall being one of the biggest fashion seasons of the year, shopping increases for pieces like jeans, shirts, boots, and sweaters. So how can you get the clothes you need for fall while reducing your environmental impact?

Here are 10 staple menswear pieces for fall, all from sustainable brands with ethical labor practices. These staple pieces are versatile and built to last, so you can wear them this fall, next fall, and beyond.

1) French Terry Sweatshirt | Tact & Stone

Tact & Stone French Terry Crew Sweatshirt

A french terry sweatshirt is a fall staple that’s useful all year long. Perfect for those chilly nights on the beach, layering in winter, and all day on your fall hike. Throw it over a button-up for a business casual look or wear it with some jeans for a classic casual outfit.

This Tact & Stone piece is made entirely from upcycled cotton & recycled polyester so it’s also a great way to be more eco-friendly. The fabric is GRS certified, chemical free, and saves a lot of water – 885 gallons worth compared to a conventional sweatshirt. Plus, the yarn factory runs on 50% renewable energy from solar power.

The start of your next conversation, this sweatshirt is ethically made right in LA. Use coupon code ECOSTYLIST20 for 20% off your order.

Shop | $80 $64

2) Dark Wash Jeans | Nudie Jeans

Dark Wash Nudie Jeans

Dark wash jeans are a must-have that will last you years. Dress them up with a blazer and dress shoes, or dress them down with sneakers and a tee.

Nudie Jeans is a woman owned business based in Sweden with some of the most sustainable denim around. Chemical-free and made from 100% organic cotton is just the beginning for Nudie Jeans.

Nudie Jeans invests in circular fashion through their free repair services as well as their collection of second-hand Nudie jeans, which they repair & resell, or recycle. They are also a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, an independent nonprofit that improves working conditions in the textile industry.

Shop | $185

3) Ambassador Blazer | Outerknown

Outerknown Ambassador Blazer Worn By Eco-Stylist

The ambassador blazer is your go-to layering piece for fall into winter. Throw it over a tee for a more casual look or pair it with a button-up for that quick stop into the office.

Either way this wool piece provides a decent amount of warmth while being naturally antimicrobial and totally compostable. Outerknown is one of the highest ranking brands on Eco-Stylist, backing their commitment to People & Planet with their sustainable manufacturing and living wages.

Shop | $325

4) Oxford Shirt | Asket

Asket Oxford Shirt Navy Stripe

Button-up shirts are among the most versatile and useful pieces in any man’s wardrobe. They look good in any situation and pair perfectly with sweaters, sweatshirts, or blazers.

This oxford shirt by Asket is especially handy for fall because the heavy organic cotton cloth will keep you warm while looking your best. With 7 colors to choose from, this will easily be a go-to piece you’ll wear for years to come.

ASKET is a Swedish menswear startup with a mission to provide timeless staple that don’t compromise on quality or your values. Forget the disposable fast fashion model; ASKET offers a single permanent collection you can wear year after year.

Shop | $105

5) Slim Chinos | Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch Slim Chinos in Khaki

A solid pair of chinos belong in every man’s closet. They’re like jeans but even more versatile when it comes to dressing up or down.

Date night? Pair them with a button-up and some oxfords. Going for a walk? Throw them together with sneakers and a plain pocket tee.

The Taylor Stitch slim chinos are sustainably made from organic cotton. Taylor Stitch manufactures overseas but shows their commitment to living wages. They also invest in circularity with their new Restitch initiative, which is much like Patagonia’s Worn Wear.

Shop | $98

6) Recycled Wool Sweater | Patagonia

Patagonia Recycled Wool Sweater

A good sweater tells the world you know how to dress. With the sophistication of a well-educated lumberjack, this sweater is sure to carry you from fall into winter.

Patagonia’s recycled wool sweater is sustainably made with 70% recycled wool, 26% recycled nylon, and 4% other fibers. Patagonia is one of the oldest sustainable fashion leaders.

They are a B Corporation, members of 1% for the planet, environmental film makers, environmental activists, and proponents of circular fashion through their repair services and Worn Wear initiatives.

Shop | $129

7) Autumn Shirt | Vustra

Autumn Organic Cotton Shirt by Vustra

Vustra is changing the sustainable menswear game with their colorful patterned button-up shirts. Wear these button-ups with some jeans, under a sweater, or paired with a blazer.

These shirts have plenty of color already so wear them with all neutral colors for an easy look that’ll be sure to get you some compliments. Vustra is made from organic cotton with natural dyes and in Fair Trade factories.

Use coupon code ECOSTYLIST for 30% off at checkout.

Shop | $110 $77

8) Chelsea Boots | Adelante Shoe Co.

Adelante Shoe Company Mendoza Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots have quickly secured their place in the menswear game. Slip them on with some blue jeans for an easy look that couldn’t be more fall.

Adelante is changing the ethical manufacturing landscape with their commitment to living wages. Un-satisfied with the available metrics, they developed their own living wage metric, the living well line, which you’ll find is better than any industry standards.

Adelante boots are handmade, built to last a lifetime, and completely resoleable. Get $25 off (applied automatically at checkout).

Shop | $255 $230

9) Apple Leather Sneakers | Po-Zu

Po-Zu Black Apple Leather Vegan Sneakers

Monochromatic sneakers offer a great look that’s equally dapper with jeans as it is with a suit. If you’re living that vegan life, Po-Zu’s apple leather sneakers are perfect for you.

Po-Zu’s new black vegan sneakers are among the first to offer an innovative apple skin leather upper. The apple comes from food waste, a bi-product of the apple juice industry. The lining and footbed material is OEKO-TEX certified Eco Microfibre.

Po-Zu also honors their commitment to living wages, with these sneakers ethically made in Portugal.

Shop | $126.72

10) Basics Complete Pack | Organic Basics

Organic Basics Complete Pack

Every man needs basics: underwear, socks, and tees. They are the closest fabrics to your skin, so why not arm yourself with natural fabrics made without chemicals?

The men’s complete pack from Organic Basics contains 1 tee, 2 boxers, and 2 pairs of socks, all made from GOTS certified organic cotton.

Organic Basics is a Denmark based sustainable brand committed to the environment with FSC certified packaging, organic cotton fabrics, and bluesign approved pieces. They are also committed to ethical manufacturing.

Shop | $103 $86

Ready for Fall?

There’s 10 sustainable men’s clothing staples for your fall wardrobe. These pieces are all durable and versatile, so you can wear them often, and for years to come.

Looking for some more options? Check out our latest curated selection in the shop.

What’s your favorite sustainable menswear piece for fall?

*Cover image featuring the french terry crew sweatshirt by Tact & Stone.

Eco-Stylist only endorses brands that pass our sustainable brand criteria. If you buy from those brands using our links, you help keep our cups filled with coffee. Learn more here.


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