Shop By Your Values

All of our products contain one or more of these badges to help you shop by your values.



Eco-Friendly brands use organic cotton and sustainable materials, turn recycled plastic bottles into fabric, use renewable energy, reduce carbon footprint, plant trees, and much more.

Fair for People

Fair for People

From the cotton farmers to the garment workers, these brands pay a living wage. Fair Trade is just the beginning; most brands go above and beyond.



When it comes to animals we don’t compromise. These products are vegan.

Our Ethical Brand Criteria

Our brands are thoroughly researched and rated for ethical and eco-conscious practices. Plus, they’re irresistibly stylish. Together, we’re raising the bar on what it means to be an ethical business.

All of our brands in the shop are filtered and powered by Remake’s Seal of Approval. Remake’s sustainability criteria runs on a point system from 0-100. Only brands scoring 50 and above are approved. 

The criteria is comprehensive and evaluates the sustainability of a brand’s fabrics, the sustainability of their manufacturing facilities, maker well-being, living wages, ethical leadership, and much more. 

Want to dive deeper? Feel free to explore Remake’s sustainability criteria and try it out for yourself.

Why Remake?

We partnered with Remake because their criteria is well-developed, thorough, and transparent. This allows for greater transparency for you, the changemaker, and allows us to be able to tell brands in black and white terms how they can improve.

Since Remake focuses on women’s clothing and Eco-Stylist focuses on men’s clothing, we think it’s the perfect partnership. It’s one small step towards a more inclusive sustainable fashion community.

How Do We Do Research?

In completing Remake’s sustainability criteria we rely on publicly available information to do so. This includes sources such as:

  • Information on the brand’s website
  • Articles written about the brand
  • The brand’s certifications
  • What the brand has said in interviews

Why Rely on Publicly Available Information?

In order for real progress to happen in the fashion industry, information about brand’s ethics and sustainability should be accessible on their website. In this way you can verify the information yourself, and together we work towards a more transparent and equitable fashion industry.


Please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear your thoughts and questions about any of the brands we’ve evaluated. 

Together, we grow as a community.