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DEI Our Updated Criteria
At Eco-Stylist, we promote brands who are making a difference in the sustainable fashion industry. For the past two years, we’ve been partnered with Remake, using their sustainable brand criteri…
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How to Afford a Sustainable Closet
If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking to update your wardrobe. But, you’re not heading to the usual places – Zara, H&M, Express – for a quick and cheap f…
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The Best Ethical Alternatives to Express for Men
As you adjust your outfits for spring and warmer weather, you often find you’re missing a few pieces in your wardrobe. Tees, button-ups, jeans, and chinos are all men’s staples this time o…
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Sustainable Alternatives to Banana Republic
From business casual to trendy patterns, Banana Republic has become one of the top clothing brands in recent years as they seem to have something for everyone. Despite their fashion forwardness, they …
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Why planting trees doesn’t always help offset carbon
An increasingly popular method for offsetting carbon, addressing climate change, and improving air quality is to plant trees. There are many initiatives dedicated to tree planting, but are these progr…
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Ethical Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Man
Looking for some last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for the men in your life? Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. While shopping for guys can be hard, it doesn’t have to be. H…
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Vustra Talks Sustainability Fashion and 2021
Vustra is an up-and-coming sustainable fashion brand based out of San Francisco who focuses on producing men’s fashion, particularly button down shirts. I, Catherine, a writer at Eco-Stylist, sa…
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A Peek Into Sustainable Personal Styling
Dear Conscious Consumer,  This is a letter for you — someone who is looking for a change, or a boost. It is for you who is just starting out with something new in your life; for you who has…
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Why Thrifting is Not a Silver Bullet
Thrifting and buying used is a great option for many people to sustainably buy clothes, but is it the most ethical option, as it is often presented? In a thread on ethical clothing habits, Eco-Stylist…
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