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Emerging Brand Vustra on Sustainability, Fashion, and 2021

Vustra Talks Sustainability Fashion and 2021

Vustra is an up-and-coming sustainable fashion brand based out of San Francisco who focuses on producing men’s fashion, particularly button down shirts. I, Catherine, a writer at Eco-Stylist, sat down (well, Zoomed) with Vustra’s co-founder, Parth Desai, to talk fashion, sustainability, and what the future holds for the brand. The […]

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The Truth About Fast Fashion: Cheap for You but Costly to the Planet

The Truth About Fast Fashion Cheap for You but Costly to the Planet

This is a guest post by Akhil Sivanandan, co-founder of research and marketing firm Green Story Inc., and originally appeared on their website With popular fast fashion brands such as Forever 21, H&M, and Zara dominating the market, it’s hard not to shop from these brands both in the […]

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Greenwashing Alert: H&M and Billie Eilish Collaboration

Greenwashing Alert H&M and Billie Eilish Collaboration

The new Billie Eilish x H&M collection just dropped on January 2, 2020, with H&M hailing it as “edgy and sustainable merch.” Call the collaboration what you will, just don’t call it sustainable. What the collection loudly puts forth in eco claims, it lacks in transparency and substance. No, we’re […]

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16 Ways You Can Do Good on Earth Day + Fashion Revolution Week

16 Ways To Do Good For Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Week

Earth Day is right around the corner and many people want to dedicate their April 22nd to Mother Nature while making a meaningful impact. But did you know April 20th – 26th is also Fashion Revolution Week? With Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Week in the same week, it’s the […]

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Everything You Buy Has an Impact

Everything You Buy Has An Impact | Blog Article

The Story of an Apple When you buy an apple from grocery store A, you give them money and you receive an apple. Effectively, you are supporting that business as well as the livelihoods of the people who work there. If you suddenly learned that grocery store A was overworking […]

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