Exploring the Sustainable Style of Taylor Stitch Clothing

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Sustainability has been a signature quality of Taylor Stitch and their clothing. In a world full of fast fashion brands, Taylor Stitch stands out and goes against the current to introduce the world of organic men’s clothing. With a commitment to producing clothing for the long haul, they have been promoting slow fashion and made-to-order fashion for a decade.

For 10 years Taylor Stitch manufactured top-notch organic menswear and stuck to its environmental commitments. After all, sustainability is deeply ingrained in Taylor Stitch’s entire approach and philosophy.

They tailor clothes for any occasion: from outerwear, chinos, to boots, each piece is crafted with careful attention to detail and quality. Staying stylish could be this sustainable.

Do you want to get to know more about a brand that’s helping to shape the future of sustainable fashion? Then join us as we jump into the eco-conscious creativity of Taylor Stitch.

A model showcasing Taylor Stitch clothing on the beach

The Force for Good at Taylor Stitch Clothing: Sustainable Collection for The Long Haul

The rise of sustainable fashion has become an important topic in recent years. As people become more eco-conscious and concerned about ethical problems surrounding the fashion industry, sustainability becomes their main priority. Fast fashion has taken a toll on the environment, contributing to pollution, waste, and unethical labor practices.

Taylor Stitch saw the problems in the fashion industry and did the opposite. They learned to master the craft of shirt making and combine it with the commitment to be environmentally friendly.

Taylor Stitch also focuses on creating durable yet sustainable stylish clothing well-suited for the outdoors. So instead of investing in fast fashion, you can give Taylor Stitch a shot.

A Taylor Stitch white shirt with a cameo fabrics and a cloth

Sustainable and Stylish Made Easy: How Game-Changing is Taylor Stitch?

To Taylor Stitch, sustainability has gone a long way for more than 10 years. They go above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of their business reflects their commitment to sustainability and the people who make their clothes. From the materials they use to the way they manufacture their garments, sustainability is at the core of everything they do.

Taylor Stitch heavily emphasized their sustainability through their use of eco-friendly materials. They utilize organic cotton, hemp, recycled fibers, and other sustainable alternatives. They also only make clothes in small batches of new styles to reduce waste.

Taylor Stitch offers a lifetime warranty for their products. This is done to wear their clothes longer and prevent their customers from overconsuming or wasting their products.

Cotton plant by Bobby Crim from Pixabay
(Cotton plant by Bobby Crim from Pixabay)

Natural Selection for the Long Haul: 99% Responsible Organic Cotton, They Wear In, Not Out!

Taylor Stitch dedicates themselves to 3 things: sustainability, style, and strength. These three became the foundation for their quality clothing and what they are known for.

Taylor Stitch offers a range of clothes and boots made with sustainable fabrics. They are responsibly made using recycled or organic materials. All the materials they use are certified and safe for both you and the environment, with less carbon footprint recorded and less water consumption.

One of the primary materials used by Taylor Stitch is organic cotton. They use 99% certified organic cotton manufactured without any toxic chemicals and pesticides. Moreover, the farm is close to their factory and the manufacturing stays clean with no dangerous chemicals, saving gallons of water.

Hemp is another material that makes it into their manufacturing process. Taylor Stitch offers collections of hemp pants that last long for outdoor activities. 

In addition to organic cotton and hemp, Taylor Stitch also incorporates recycled fibers into their clothing. The materials are processed from recycled cotton, wool, and many more. What makes it even more special is that one of their recycled materials, heavy bag, is reputable for being durable.

A Taylor Stitch shirt is being manufactured

Sustainable Shops: How Does Taylor Stitch Uphold its Ethical Practices

Taylor Stitch ensures transparency and accountability in their manufacturing processes. They carefully selected factories with fair labor and a safe environment.

Taylor Stitch promotes ethical manufacturing by partnering with factories that provide fair wages and good working conditions to their workers and forbidding child labor. On their site, you can see the details of their factories in 3 countries: China, Mexico, and the US. The factories in the aforementioned countries gave the workers benefits, including maternity paid leave, work-life balance, and healthcare services.

Supply chains that provide materials for Taylor Stitch are certified and sustainably sourced. Most of them are approved by industry leaders like the Leather Working Group, Fair Trade Apparel, Schoeller Textiles AG, and more.

Other than that, Taylor Stitch has their Restitch program to repair and resell used Taylor Stitch clothes. This keeps a good thing going and keeps clothes out of the landfill. No need to throw those ripped pants away after all.

An illustration of beach clean up volunteer
(Image by chaiyananuwatmongkolchai from Pixabay)

Wild Forever: From California with love

Taylor Stitch dedicates their time to being environmentally responsible, even outside their production chain. They understand that social responsibility matters too and they are committed to minimizing their contribution to waste.

The founder, Michael Maher, also takes action to empower both the environment and workers by promoting his Wild Forever Days project. The project aims to bring prosperity to clothing factory workers and take care of the environment.

Wild Forever is an initiative to improve both the environment and the community. You can join as a volunteer with Taylor Stitch to do a plethora of stuff, from environmental clean up, to helping local farms and educating the community together. 

From used fleece to organic tee: Organic and ethical apparel

The journey of organic cotton as an organic clothing material was started in 1994 with Patagonia. It was deemed impossible by people back then, but here we are with one of the future organic clothing playmakers.

Taylor Stitch gives us hope for better organic apparel in the future. It took them 3 to 4 years to switch to 99% organic cotton. They put another effort into maximizing other materials, like recycled wool, upcycled cotton-polyester, and many more.

They also work together with warehouses and other places with deadstocks. The donated deadstocks then get recycled and turned into new sustainable products.

They set new higher standards on how a sustainable clothing brand is supposed to be. With excellent services like repair and restitch, using 100% sustainable and recyclable packaging, ensuring the prosperity of their workers, and listening to consumers’ demand for sustainability, Taylor Stitch is an ethical brand we certify and believe in. 

How Ethical and Sustainable is Taylor Stitch? 

We’ve given you a quick overview here in this article on what Taylor Stitch is doing. If you’d like to learn even more check out our brand rating of Taylor Stitch.

At Eco-Stylist we thoroughly research brands to identify the leaders in sustainable fashion. Any brand we certify is one of the best.

No More Rugged Worn Pants: A Call for Testimony

What makes a customer satisfied? Excellent service and attentiveness. Taylor Stitch got you on both aspects.

A lot of their customers are satisfied with these services and products, with an average product rating of 5 stars out of 5. Plenty of customers stated their satisfaction with both the customer service and the products, stating that their customer service is helpful and detailed. You can also find plenty of positive reviews on the internet.

Additionally, Taylor Stitch’s Restitch program has been helpful for a lot of customers since they don’t need to buy more products and waste their old clothes. From these programs, they saved more than 4300 products from being thrown into landfills.

Taylor Stitch review

Taylor Stitch Review + How to Style with Eco-Stylist

Taylor Stitch has garnered a lot of reviews and they even have forums dedicated to their products and services. In case you need an honest review and a comprehensive guide on mix & match your style with Taylor Stitch clothing, we could give you both.

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Tips for incorporating sustainable fashion into your wardrobe

Looking to make your wardrobe collection more sustainable? Here are some tips specialized just for you:

1. Invest in quality pieces: Instead of hoarding fast fashion, opt for high-quality garments that are built to last.

2. Choose eco-friendly materials, like organic cotton, recycled fibers, or other sustainable alternatives.

3. Choose some good designs to your liking that you can wear for years to come, rather than constantly chasing trendy apparel.

4. Take care of your clothing, better care would make your clothes last longer. You can also donate old unused clothes.

5. Support sustainable brands.

By picking and buying from Taylor Stitch, you can already complete these steps and rest easy. They’re truly built for the long haul.

Be a Force for Good with Taylor Stitch!

Taylor Stitch remains undefeated as a brand that prioritizes style, sustainability, and strength. They are leading the way towards a more sustainable future and raising the standards for clothing brands. 

Looking to try stylish and comfortable Taylor Stitch’s apparel? Click through to order your durable men’s pants and dapper button-down shirts.

Looking for even more sustainable clothes? From shiny shoes to stylish suits, it’s all made from safe materials with the planet in mind. Check out our shop to get started and start making a difference with each purchase.


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