15 Ideas for a Sustainable + Conscious Valentine Gift for Him or Her

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Love is in the air. As Valentine’s Day approaches your countdown probably includes some online shopping.

The Best Conscious Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

While shopping for guys can be hard, it certainly doesn’t have to be. These 12 options offer something bold for the risk taker, something practical for the minimalist, and all things more ethical and sustainable for the conscious modern man.

1. Reimagine Cashmere Beanie | Outerknown

It’s beanie season and this one looks the part. It’s available in bold and neutral colors, and since it’s super soft cashmere you might want to get one for yourself too!

This beanie is brought to you by our friends at Outerknown and is made of 95% recycled cashmere. Recycled cashmere saves 96% of the CO2, 92% of the H2O, and 82% of the energy compared to virgin cashmere.

Shop | $98

Want to learn more about Outerknown’s sustainability?

See our full Brand Rating.

2. Ethical Mesa Cord Tacos | Parker Clay

Surprise him this holiday with a sleek solution to keep his cords organized. The mesa cord tacos are perfect for tidying up his chargers, headphones, and usb cables. 

Parker Clay is a certified B Corporation, ethically making their products in Ethiopia. One of the ways they do so is by creating opportunities for vulnerable women to become economically independent. In the capital of Ethiopia 150,000 women work in prostitution and 26.4% of women are unemployed, and it is here that Parker Clay works to make a difference.

Shop | $24

Want to learn more about Parker Clay’s sustainability?

See our full Brand Rating.

3. Technical Turtleneck | Ministry of Supply

The turtleneck is a staple for fall, winter, and spring, and it looks great with jeans or layered under a jacket. This one by Ministry of Supply is made to last with breathability built in, so he’ll want to wear it to the office and on the weekends too.

Shop | $148

Want to learn more about Ministry of Supply’s sustainability?

See our full Brand Rating.

4. High Quality Leather Belt | Parker Clay

Guys need a durable belt that will last for years. This one by Parker Clay is handcrafted in an ethical factory in Ethiopia, where they pay living wages and are a certified B Corporation.

Shop | $68

Want to learn more about Parker Clay’s sustainability?

See our full Brand Rating.

5. Hemp Standout Backpack | 8000Kicks

The perfect durable minimal hemp backpack guys can bring to the gym, the coffee shop, or take on an airplane for a weekend getaway. 8000Kicks backpack is sustainably made with 100% hemp, the exterior is waterproof, and it fits a 15″ laptop.

*Use coupon code ECOSTYLIST to get 10% off.

Shop | $139

Want to learn more about 8000Kicks’ sustainability?

See our full Brand Rating.

6. Recycled Merino Wool Sweater | Colorful Standard

Guys need to stay warm and this recycled merino wool sweater does the job. It’s super soft and good news: the design is a unisex style so you can steal it from time to time too.

Our friends at Colorful Standard use natural fibers, pay their clothing makers in Portugal a living wage, and plant a tree for every purchase.

Shop | $110

Want to learn more about Colorful Standard’s sustainability?

See our full Brand Rating.

7. Blanket Shirt | Outerknown

The blanket shirt is one of Outerknown’s most popular items—and for good reason! It’s warmth, comfort, and quality are all reasons he’ll love it and you’ll want to steal borrow it.

Made from 100% organic cotton and available in over 40 colors. Organic cotton keeps harmful pesticides out of our clothes, soil, and rivers.

Shop | $168

Want to learn more about Outerknown’s sustainability?

See our full Brand Rating.

8. Conscious Minimalist Wallet | Parker Clay

Let’s face it, cash is no longer king. This wallet is perfect for the minimalist who wants to grab his ID, a credit card, some business cards, and be on the go.

Shop | $48

Want to learn more about Parker Clay’s sustainability?

See our full Brand Rating.

9. Cashmere Wool Scarf | ASKET

What’s the perfect fall-winter accessory you ask? This scarf. It’s soft, adds sophistication to any look, and it’s designed to last.

Made from our friends at ASKET with 100% recycled fabric: a blend of 55% recycled wool and 45% recycled cashmere. Ethically made in Italy with near full traceability—a rare thing in the fashion industry!

Shop | $100

Want to learn more about ASKET’s sustainability?

See our full Brand Rating.

10. Recycled + Upcycled Dad Hat | Topiku

Bad hair day? Throw on a hat and call it good… just leave it at home during date night.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more sustainable hat because Topiku hats are made entirely from recycled and upcycled materials. Plus they are all ethically made in Indonesia.

*Use code ECOSTYLIST10 for 10% off

Shop | $31.50

Want to learn more about Topiku’s sustainability?

See our full Brand Rating.

11. Eco Friendly Boxer Briefs | Patagonia

What guy doesn’t need new underwear? These boxer briefs from Patagonia are made from TENCEL™ meaning they’re super soft and you know he’ll be wearing something breathable.

Shop | $35

Want to learn more about Patagonia’s sustainability?

See our full Brand Rating.

12. Vegan White Sneakers | Thousand Fell

Buying men shoes can be hard, but it’s hard to go wrong with some slick minimal sneakers. The men’s lace up sneakers in white will match virtually any outfit and offer great casual versatility.

These shoes are designed to be recycled! That means when he wears them out they can be sent back for recycling—how’s that for zero waste?

Shop | $145

Want to learn more about Thousand Fell’s sustainability?

See our full Brand Rating.


More Valentines’ Day Gift Ideas for Guys

For more v day gift ideas for him and her check out our Shop and our Brand Guide.

Are you struggling to find an eco alternative or just looking for something bolder? Let us know what you’re looking for in the comments and we’ll help you find it!

Affordable Valentine Gifts Under $50

Looking for v day gifts on a budget? Check out 10 gift ideas under $50.

What can I do for him on Valentines Day with no money?


Sometimes the best gift of all is our time. Consider writing a thoughtful card for v day, planning a date doing something he loves (such as hiking), or a night in watching a movie.

Physical gifts are one way to show your love and care, but they’re certainly not the only way. A thoughtful gift of any kind be it a letter, experience, time together, or a gift is always appreciated.

The Best Conscious Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Looking for a valentine’s day gift for a special lady in your life? Here’s a few of our favorite ideas.

Ethical Jewelry from Brilliant Earth


Jewelry is always a great way to make her feel special on valentines day. The jewelry at Brilliant Earth is thoughtfully and ethically made with various certifications to help ensure fair wages and fair prices for the raw materials.

They’re also especially careful to source conflict free metals and stones, even using lab grown diamonds in some of their pieces. These beautiful elevated pieces are a great way to show your love this holiday.

Looking for the perfect engagement ring? See our top picks.

Shop | $95-$2000+

An Elegant Made in USA Bow Clutch


This unique bow clutch from Fite Fashion makes the perfect V Day gift for her! Ethically made in the USA, right in Philadelphia.

Fite fashion specializes in made to order slow fashion that’s thoughtfully designed and better for the planet.

Shop | $125

Eco Friendly Intimates with a Subset Gift Card


Eco-friendly intimates aren’t just better for the planet, they’re also better for her. With natural fabrics and non-toxic dyes, Subset’s intimates are sure to please her.

And with a gift card you don’t have to worry about guessing wrong, she can pick all her favorites.

Shop | $25+

Looking for more ideas? Many of the above options are unisex and could easily make a conscious gift for her too.

What can I do for her on Valentines Day with no money?


We said it above and the same applies here. Consider writing her a thoughtful card, planning a fun date, or setting up a romantic evening for two.

*Article last updated 1/28/24.


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