Here’s Why Organic Clothing and Clean Eating Go Hand-in-Hand

There’s no disputing that a significant surge in awareness regarding the importance of living a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle has dominated our world these past handful of years.

Two sustainability practices that have gained widespread attention are organic clothing and clean eating. While seemingly unrelated (unless you eat your clothes), these two concepts share a common thread (clever), and combining them can lead to a more harmonious, eco-conscious way of living.

The Impact on Personal Health

Firstly, both organic clothing and clean eating have a direct impact on our personal health, so let’s explore further the benefits of wearing your kale and eating your hemp – or is it the other way around?

As clean-label food company Safe + Fair says, “Clean eating is all about indulging in a buffet of nature’s finest produce – in other words, consuming whole, unprocessed, nutrient-rich foods provides our bodies with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for optimal health.”

Clean-eating diets are no empty, meaningless fad – on the contrary, clean eating is related to numerous health benefits, including improved digestion, increased energy, reduced risk of chronic diseases, and so the list goes on.

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Meanwhile, organic clothing is made from fibers that are grown without the use of harmful chemicals, pesky pesticides, and sinister synthetic fertilizers. By avoiding exposure to such miserable toxins – which, alarmingly, can be absorbed surprisingly easily through the skin – we can reduce the risk of developing skin irritations, allergies, and other surprising health issues that can result from wearing conventional clothing.

Environmental Considerations

One of the most significant reasons why organic clothing and clean eating complement each other is their shared positive impact on the environment. 

Clean eating encourages the consumption of organic, as well as locally-sourced foods, thus reducing the hefty carbon footprint associated with the transportation and production of non-organic foodstuffs. Organic farming practices also promote soil health, biodiversity, and improved water conservation practices, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient agricultural system for us and future generations.

Organic clothing production similarly embraces eco-friendly practices. Organic crops for example, are cultivated without the use of synthetic pesticides and GMOs (Genetically-Modified Organisms), helping to preserve biodiversity and protect the health of the supply chain’s many farmers and workers. Additionally, the absence of harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process reduces water pollution and minimizes environmental degradation.

Ethical Considerations

Choosing organic clothing and clean eating is not only a matter of personal health and environmental impact, but also an ethical choice; clean eating encourages consumers to support local farmers and producers who prioritize sustainable and humane farming practices. By opting for organic and locally-sourced foods, individuals contribute to fairer wages and better working conditions for those involved in the food production chain.

Similarly, the decision to wear organic clothing aligns with ethical considerations. Organic, sustainable clothing companies tend to adhere to fair trade practices (rather off track if they didn’t), ensuring that workers are treated well, paid reasonable wages, and provided with safe work conditions. This ethical approach fosters a more compassionate and responsible fashion industry, which in turn supports positive social change – it’s amazing how one intention causes so many benefit-byproducts to ripple out in all directions.

Mindful Living

The organic clothing and clean eating combo also promotes a more mindful way of living. To be mindful is to fully connect to the present moment and make conscious, intentional choices, such as what to wear, what to eat, whether to eat what you wear, wear what you eat – although that’s a whole other article, isn’t it?

Back to the important point; clean eating encourages individuals to be more conscious of what they chow down on and what the consequences of their food choices mean, both for themselves, for others, and for our grand green planet.

Likewise, choosing organic clothing involves being mindful of the materials used in clothing production, considering the impact on the environment as well as personal health.

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Inspiring Others to Support Organic Clothing and Clean Eating

Embracing the synergy between organic clothing and clean eating can also serve as a powerful example to others; leading by example and sharing the benefits of these practices can inspire friends, family, and the wider community to make greener choices; the collective adoption of wearing organic clothing and eating clean produce can lead to a significantly positive impact on public health, the environment, and social impact and justice issues.

Moreover, the symbiotic relationship between organic clothing and clean eating extends beyond these benefits, as it fosters a deeper connection with nature. By embracing organic practices in both our clothing, food choices and beyond, we inevitably become more attuned to our natural world, and the intricate relationship that exists between human action and the environment.

Embracing the world of organic clothing and clean eating also involves engaging with a vibrant community of like-minded people, organizations, and businesses. Evoking a sense of belonging to a larger movement reinforces our commitment to sustainable living and provides a network of invaluable support and encouragement. In a world facing numerous environmental challenges and health issues, the convergence of organic clothing and clean eating offers a holistic and empowering approach. 

For Us and Future Generations

Organic clothing and clean eating are two lifestyle choices that go beautifully hand-in-hand, each supporting the other in promoting health, environmental sustainability, ethical practices, and mindful living for us and future generations.

Where to Buy Organic Clothing

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