Guide to Colorful Ethical Fashion: 10 Colorful Sustainable Clothing Brands

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10 Colorful Ethical Fashion Brands You Can Shop Right Now 

We’ve curated 10 colorful ethical fashion brands for you that are all, of course, Eco-Stylist certified. Shop these brands guilt free and support a better fashion industry.

1) Colorful Standard – Basics and Essentials in 40+ Colors

First up: Colorful Standard! They got all your essential pieces like t-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts, and socks in over 40 different colors!

Whether you’re into bright pink, lilac purple, or neon orange, Colorful Standard has a range of options for you. While they have men’s and women’s sizing on their website, a lot of their styles are unisex and come in both sizes. 

Above are some colorful unisex pieces worn by me, Garik, founder of Eco-Stylist, and Kasi Martin, founder of The Peahen. We’re both wearing the organic oxford shirt, organic twill shorts, and organic active socks, just in different sizes and colors.

What makes Colorful Standard ethical? Find out here.

Shop Colorful Standard

2) Toad&Co – Fun Prints

Next up: Toad&Co! This colorful brand is about to be your go-to for printed dresses, shirts, printed pants (for her), printed boxers (for him), and more.

Toad&Co offers a great selection of casual clothing you can wear all year long. What makes Toad&Co ethical? Find out here.

Shop Toad&Co

3) Outerknown – Colorful Plaid

colorful sustainable clothing brands for women and men: outerknown

If colorful plaid is something you’re into, Outerknown’s blanket shirt is a major hit! They’ve also got colorful jumpsuits and dresses for women, and a great selection of colorful short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts for him.

And don’t sleep on Outerknown’s colorful swimwear! What makes Outerknown ethical? Find out here.

Shop Outerknown

4) Girlfriend Collective – Bright Color Athletic Apparel and Athleisure

Next up: Girlfriend Collective! They’ve got colorful body positive loungewear, athleisure, underwear, leggings, sweatsuits, sports bras, and more.

Don’t sleep on Girlfriend’s workout dresses and skorts! Girlfriend occasionally has some unisex and men’s pieces, but this brand is primarily for the ladies. 

What makes Girlfriend ethical? Find out here.

Shop Girlfriend

5) Vustra – Vibrant Print Shirts for Men


If printed men’s shirts is something you’re into, you’re going to love Vustra. Vustra is a men’s clothing brand with colorful t-shirts, printed tees, and a fantastic selection of printed, solid, plaid, and striped long-sleeve and short-sleeve button up shirts!

Rest assured, it’s made with great materials like organic cotton and linen, and colored with eco-friendly dyes. What makes Vustra ethical? Find out here.

Shop Vustra

6) Marimekko – Colorful Print Dresses, Tops, and More for Her

Next up: Marimekko! If you like bold patterns, and wearing art sounds appealing to you, Marimekko is a brand you want to check out.

Their selection of tops, dresses, sweaters, outerwear, home goods, and more, all come with bold prints that look great and make a statement. What makes Marimekko ethical? Find out here.

Shop Marimekko

7) Adelante – Made-to-Order Shoes Available in Custom Colors

custom colorful ethical fashion shoes made to order

If customizing the colors of your shoes sounds fun to you, then Adelante is your brand! Adelante Made-To-Order makes all of their shoes, as the name implies, to order. This means that customizing shoes just for you, be it the sizing or the colors, is something they can and do offer. 

Check out these custom Luca’s above that I got from Adelante, as an example of what you can create. What makes Adelante ethical? Find out here.

Shop Adelante

8) Koio – Colorful Ethical Sneakers for Streetwear and Daily Style


If colorful sneakers are your thing, but you don’t know an ethical alternative to brands like Nike and New Balance, Koio is here. Koio offers a great selection of high quality colorful sneakers sure to please anyone that loves some good colorful kicks. 

Their sneakers come in everything from bold colors like yellow or orange to metallic colors, multi-colors, and more. What makes Koio ethical? Find out here.

Shop Koio

9) Arvin Goods – Colorful Socks

Next up: Arvin Goods! Arvin Goods is your go-to brand for socks and they offer them in a variety of color options. 

Check out their selection of solid color socks, pastel colors, limited release options, and more. What makes Arvin Goods ethical? Find out here.

Shop Arvin Goods via Outerknown

10) Cotopaxi – Bold Outdoor Apparel 


If bold colorful outdoor apparel is your thing, then Cotopaxi is your brand. Perhaps most well known for their very colorful bags, vest, and jackets, color is really a staple of this brand. 

We recommend their outerwear, backpacks, chalk bags, and occasional collaboration with Teva to offer some very colorful sandals. What makes Cotopaxi ethical? Find out here.

Shop Cotopaxi

Looking for More Colorful Sustainable Clothing Brands?

Check out our Shop, where we’ve curated over 1400 colorful sustainable clothing options. Go on, dress like you give a damn.

What is Ethical Fashion?

Fashion is full of colorful styles to express your styles, but what is ethical fashion? Ethical fashion, as we use it, refers to fashion that is better for the people who make it and the planet. Social and environmental sustainability go hand in hand.

To help ensure the brands we recommend to you are really ethical fashion brands, we research them for transparency, fair labor, and environmental sustainability.

Why Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Matters

Ethical fashion matters because it’s far from the norm. Less than 10% of clothing makers earn a living wage and despite this fast fashion continues to grow year after year.

Luckily, there are also more and more ethical fashion brands that you can choose to support instead. Vote with your wallet for a better future. 

You can learn more about fast fashion and why sustainable fashion matters on our blog.

Are Sustainable Fashion Brands Really Boring?

You’ve probably heard that it is. But let’s get into the truth.

This stereotype likely formed in the early days, when sustainable fashion was new and smaller. It takes a lot of capital for new and small brands to drop new collections, so whether or not the pieces were “boring”, it is true that the selection of pieces was limited. 

Today, there are many more sustainable clothing choices for every person and style. Now keep in mind, there will never be as many sustainable fashion options as fast fashion options, and that’s because the rate at which fast fashion drops new styles is unsustainable and designed to drive excessive consumerism. We’re looking at you, Shein

The good news is you can slow down, buy less, and buy better. You can also supplement your wardrobe with thrifting, which is always a better choice than fast fashion.

How to Incorporate Colorful Ethical Clothing in Your Wardrobe

Let’s discuss some style tips for incorporating colorful pieces into your existing wardrobe.

How to Mix and Match Bright Colors with Classic Items

Mixing and matching colorful ethical fashion pieces with classic items is like creating a sartorial masterpiece. It’s all about creating a balanced and bold look that screams your personality.

First off, find your go-to classic piece. Whether it be a tailored blazer or high-waisted trousers, use this as the foundation for your outfit. Next, choose an eye-catching piece to add some pizzazz to your ensemble. Think a bright-hued blouse or printed skirt made from sustainable materials. Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and textures, but make sure to contrast them with your classic piece.

Finally, top off your look with some ethical accessories. From statement earrings to woven handbags, your options are endless. Mixing and matching ethical fashion with classics is not only a stylish choice, but also showcases your commitment to sustainability. Be bold, be merry, and most of all, be conscious!

Note on the Importance of Investing in Long-Lasting Pieces for Your Wardrobe

Investing in bright, long-lasting essentials for your wardrobe is like investing in a solid relationship. Sure, flings with the latest fashion trend may give you a thrilling adrenaline rush, but they always end up leaving you high and dry.

On the other hand, investing in quality pieces will ensure that you are always looking sharp and never compromising on style. Plus, it’s a more sustainable way of dressing – you’ll be using and abusing those timeless pieces for years to come instead of contributing to the fast fashion landfill crisis. So, let your wardrobe be a testimony to your good taste, not a graveyard for your regretful fashion choices.

Styling Tips for Incorporating Colorful Sustainable Fashion into Your Daily Wear 

So, you want to add some ethical fashion to your wardrobe while still embracing color? Well, first things first, let’s ditch the notion that ethical fashion is all about neutral hues and boring styles. Trust me, there is an entire colorful world out there waiting to be explored!

Start by choosing a bold statement piece, like a bright printed scarf or a patterned top. Then, pair it with basics in neutral colors to let your color-pop item shine. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns either, if done correctly it can create a fun and unique look that is sure to turn heads.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try color-blocking with complementary shades or accessorizing with vibrant jewelry. Just remember, wearing colorful ethical fashion is not only good for the planet, but it can also be a fashion statement that tells the world you’re bold and confident. 

Looking for More Ethical Brands?

There’s a directory for that. Discover 100+ certified ethical fashion brands in our Brand Guide. You can filter by clothing type, gender, vegan brands, women-owned brands, BIPOC-owned brands, kids clothes, and a lot more.

Summary: Our Guide to Fun and Colorful Ethical Clothing Brands

We hope you found this guide to colorful ethical fashion helpful. If you’ve got questions, drop those below.


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