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Building sustainable wardrobe

Increasing awareness about sustainability and the impact our decisions have on the environment has strongly influenced consumer behavior and led them to better and more conscious practices. Year by year, consumers prioritize habits drawn to reduce waste, make better use of our resources, and cut down harmful material for the planet. 

As a matter of fact, a recent study found that 69% of US consumers would pay more for sustainable products. However, the number of people actively shopping this way is not as high. While a majority of consumers want to shop more sustainably, only 15% of global fashion consumers make purchasing decisions to lower their impact.

So, why the difference?

Support sustainable fashion and build your personal style

Shop sustainable clothing to match your style

Factors like trying to figure out which brands are truly ethical and committed to the environment, or looking for the ones that match your style, size, and, on top of that, shipping to your location, can make shopping for sustainable clothing a very difficult journey. Not to mention, building your sustainable style and maintaining a fast fashion free wardrobe.

But it is not all bad news, and matching your values and fashion choices does not have to be a pain in the neck. Your commitment to sustainability does not mean that you have to sacrifice your style. 

We are here to help! Leave behind the long hours spent online browsing endless catalogues or at the shopping centre looking for the right item in dozens of stores. The solution is closer and easier than you think and sustainable brands are right at your fingertips. 

It is time to upgrade your shopping experience and let a fashion stylist do it for you. And what is better, a sustainable stylist. 

What a sustainable stylist can do for your personal style

Make conscious choices based on your style

As sustainable fashion continues to break through the industry, new ways to view and create different styles have emerged to inspire us and reshape our relationship with clothing. In the same way professional stylists provide personal fashion advice, and select and coordinate outfits for you, a sustainable stylist will do so but with only sustainable and ethical fashion brands.

Your personal sustainable stylist will help you to make conscious choices that fit your personal style and encourage you to keep supporting what really matters in the fashion industry, protecting the environment and guaranteeing safe and fair conditions for clothing makers.

How our sustainable personal stylist subscription works

Build your style with our Sustainable Personal Styling Subscription

Shopping sustainable fashion has never been easier. At Eco-Stylist we have done all the hard work, so you can get your time back. All you have to do is complete a short style quiz in which you will share your personal style preferences, size and location. 

We then build your style profile, and your stylist will curate shopping suggestions for you based on your personal features. All recommendations, of course, from Eco-Stylist Certified ethical and sustainable brands.

What are the options for our personal styling service?

Curated recommendations to build your sustainable style

With Eco-Stylist personal styling service, you can choose to receive a Quick Style Fix that will send you curated recommendations only one time, ideal for getting off to a good start building your sustainable personal style. You can also opt for quarterly recommendations, to receive suggestions every three months, or a monthly subscription service that offers styling advice and email support every month. 

Whether you’re starting from scratch, building a capsule wardrobe, or just looking for a few new pieces, we offer a subscription that will just fit you like a glove. All our options include clothing and accessories from brands that work with the highest standards of ethics and sustainability.

You are ready to show off your new personal sustainable style

Outfits from ethical and sustainable brands

Unlike other clothing subscription services, we assure you that you will only receive suggestions from more than 100 carefully researched and certificated clothing brands like Girlfriend Collective, Asket and Patagonia.

We are confident that you will love all your personal stylist’s recommendations so much that you will want to wear them day and night. Every single outfit chosen for your everyday wear or for a special occasion will make your unique style stand out and your personality shine more than ever.

Try our sustainable personal styling subscription

Ready to dress like you give a damn? See our full sustainable personal styling service details and fares.


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