Top 10 Vegan Ethical Christmas Gifts for Men

Christmas 2024 is coming and odds are you have a vegan friend or two on your list. You can’t go wrong with these 10 vegan friendly gifts any man will love.

Each piece was selected for its outstanding impact and function, and of course a vegan friendly pat on the back. Now you have a guide for some mindful buying and no excuse for any last minute purchasing regrets.

If ethical and sustainable are on your gift list you can check those boxes too because all of our clothing brands are Eco-Stylist Certified and all accessory brands are value aligned.

10 Vegan Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

1. Dad Hat | Known Supply

Known Supply Dad Hat

Dad hats are in but this wardrobe staple is no trend; they’re here to stay.

This is no ordinary dad hat. Known Supply’s hats are made with organic cotton, Fair Trade certified, and you can meet the person who made your hat! How you might ask? The name of the maker is printed on the inside of the hat, and you can look them up right on Known Supply’s website.

Brand Rating: Certified

Shop at KNOWN SUPPLY | $28

2. Complete Skincare Package | Caldera + Lab

Caldera_Lab Men's Organic Skincare

Every man should have a skincare routine and this one delivers. Caldera + Lab skin care products are where science meets nature: clinically proven and made with natural ingredients.

Help the men in your life get their skin care game on. They’ll thank you later.

Caldera + Lab is a certified B Corp. To learn more about their 3 step skincare routine check out our review.

Shop at Caldera + Lab | $150

3. Jersey Sliders – House Slippers | Pangaia

sustainable house slippers for men

House slippers are the luxury no one knew they needed … until they tried it! Give the gift of comfort and relaxation right at home with the Jersey Sliders from Pangaia.

The house slippers are made with a blend of recycled and organic cotton, and the soles are made from up to 50% pre-consumer recycled materials. They’re also ethically made in Portugal.

Btw, you can wear these outside, but why would you want to? The Jersey Sliders are genderless so grab a couple pairs for everyone on your list.

Brand Rating: Silver

Shop at Pangaia | $60

4. Blanket Shirt | Outerknown


Introducing the softest shirt ever made. The Blanket Shirt is rugged, warm, made of organic cotton, and equipped with vegan friendly buttons.

Vibrant color is another reason to love this shirt, which comes in 42 different color options, including solids and plaids. One of Outerknown’s most popular items, this is another gift you’ll want to steal from time to time.

Brand Rating: Silver

Shop at Outerknown | $148

5. Organic Cotton Boxers | Pact


These days, it’s trending to make your clothes last. (We saw you showing off your 7-year-old jacket at that party last weekend, Bob, and you were lookin’ fine).

However, it’s so not cool when it comes to your underwear. Here’s a conscious undergarment he’ll certainly love.

Pact’s boxers are not only soft and comfortable but also made with GOTS certified organic cotton, made in Fair Trade factories, save 15.8 gallons of water, and completely vegan friendly.

Brand Rating: Silver

Shop at Pact | $18+

6. Beanie | Kotn

vegan ethical christmas gifts_Kotn Hamatah Beanie

Beanies are a fall and winter must-have. This one is ethically made in Egypt with Egyptian cotton.

Kotn’s beanie is a great unisex option perfect for anyone on your gift list.

Brand Rating: Silver

Shop at Kotn | $42

7. Organic Oversized Hoodie | Colorful Standard

organic cotton vegan friendly hoodie for men in green

Give him a gift you’ll want to steal — and you can! This unisex hoodie looks good on everyone.

He’ll look good and feel good because it’s responsibly made with organic cotton and it’s vegan certified. Not to mention, its ethically made in Portugal where the makers earn living wages.

Brand Rating: Silver

Shop at Colorful Standard | $88

8. White Sneakers | Thousand Fell


What guy couldn’t use a pair of slick minimalist vegan sneakers? White sneakers match virtually any outfit with great versatility to pair with any shade of your favorite blazer or tee.

Thousand Fell sneakers have the added bonus of a great impact. Their sustainable creation comes from recycled uppers and a fully circular business model: meaning you can send back your worn out sneakers for recycling when you’re done with them. Now that’s a gift with a cool story.

Brand Rating: Certified

Shop at Thousand Fell | $125

9. Socks that Save Dogs | Conscious Step

vegan eco-friendly christmas gifts_fair trade socks that save dogs

Nothing softens your footprint like a pair of socks from Conscious Step. Made from Fair Trade and GOTS certified organic cotton, these socks are also vegan certified, give back 1% to the planet, and these particular socks give back to a no-kill sanctuary for dogs with every purchase!

Each gift box comes with three pairs of socks perfect for all the animal lovers in your life. The style and sizing is unisex.

Brand Rating: Certified

Shop at Conscious Step | $44.95

10. Sunglasses | Warby Parker


Winter may be upon us but the sun’s still shining. Warby Parker’s sunglasses are the perfect combination of style and function. With many different styles to choose from, they also offer any of their sunglasses in prescription form for those who need it.

Warby Parker is a certified B Corp with a buy-a-pair give-a-pair model, meaning they give a pair to someone in need for every purchase.

Brand Rating: Certified

Shop at Warby Parker | $95+

What Makes These Vegan Ethical Christmas Gifts?

“Sustainable” gets thrown around a lot these days. In contrast to all the clickbait big media articles, at Eco-Stylist we only say sustainable when we really mean it.

Before recommending clothing brands to you, we research them utilizing our sustainable brand criteria. This holistic approach helps us ask all the tough questions while being completely transparent about our research process.

Since our criteria is fashion-specific, we occasionally recommend value aligned accessary brands (non-fashion). In practice what this means is all of the brands in this article are Eco-Stylist Certified except for accessory brand Caldera + Lab, which is value aligned and a certified B Corporation.

What’s Left on Your Holiday Gift List?

Navigating the holidays can be tricky. Especially when you’re trying to keep your list ethical, sustainable, and vegan friendly.

The best option is to buy mindfully and in advance, and we hope this list of vegan options can assist you in alleviating those obstacles and stress.

For more eco-friendly gift ideas check out:

What’s been your biggest challenge when it comes to buying conscious gifts this holiday? We’d love to help!

*Article last updated 5/24/24.

Eco-Stylist is reader-supported. If you make a purchase using our links, we may earn a commission. We only feature fashion brands that pass our sustainable brand criteria. Learn more here.


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