10 Everlane Alternatives 2024 | Brands Similar to Everlane

Is Everlane Really Sustainable?

Worn by the hottest celebrities and now sold at Nordstrom, Everlane has made a name for itself in the sustainable fashion market… but… does the brand deserve the praise and attention?

Strip away the hype and good publicity, and you have a brand that failed our sustainable brand test. They first failed our assessment back in 2019, and as of our most recent update in 2022, they’re still failing.

Everlane’s trendy styles, affordable prices, and green promises may be appealing, but unfortunately their lack of commitment to living wages, worker well-being, and history of greenwashing keeps them from passing our sustainable brand criteria.

10 Brands Similar to Everlane (but more sustainable)

Given the popularity of Everlane’s minimalist “modern essentials,” our team at Eco-Stylist has found alternatives to 10 Everlane staple wardrobe pieces from our certified brands — 5 men’s and 5 women’s items. With these swaps you can dress stylish and feel good about it.

MEN’S Everlane Alternatives

1. EVERLANE’S Performance 5-Pocket Pant

Performance 5-Pocket Pant
Taylor Stitch Foundation Pant
Taylor Stitch Foundation Pant

OUR EVERLANE ALTERNATIVE: Taylor Stitch Foundation Pant

Truly made for every occasion, these modern slim chinos are made from a durable organic cotton fabric. Designed in a medium weight fabric that feels great all year long.

2. EVERLANE’S Court Sneaker

Court Sneaker
Thousand Fell Court Sneaker
Thousand Fell Court Sneaker

OUR EVERLANE ALTERNATIVE: Thousand Fell Court Sneaker

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly sneaker the court sneaker by Thousand Fell offers a similar style in a shoe that’s designed to be recycled! Vegan friendly, made from recycled materials, and comfy af. When they wear out just send them back, doing your part to keep shoes out of the landfill. Women’s and men’s styles available.

3. EVERLANE’S ReNew Air Pant

ReNew Air Pant
Colorful Standard Organic Sweatpants
Colorful Standard Organic Sweatpants

OUR EVERLANE ALTERNATIVE: Colorful Standard Organic Sweatpants

Comfortable, easy, and breathable. These organic cotton, vegan friendly, unisex sweatpants are ethically made in Portugal with eco-friendly dyes. Designed for working from home, working out, and everything in between.

4. EVERLANE’S Heavyweight Overshirt

Heavyweight Overshirt
Outerknown Blanket Shirt
Outerknown Blanket Shirt

OUR EVERLANE ALTERNATIVE: Outerknown Blanket Shirt

The coziest damn over-shirt you’ll ever wear. The blanket shirt is made from 100% organic cotton and you’ll quickly discover why it’s one of Outerknown’s most popular styles. Available in a myriad of colors and patterns.

5. EVERLANE’S Air Crew Tee

Air Crew Tee
GOEX Unisex Eco-Triblend Tee


Designed with comfort in mind, these tees have a longer length and elegant taper. Made from eco-friendly fabric containing 5 recycled water bottles, this is a true feel good basic to add to your wardrobe. An added bonus? They come in both neutral core colors and fun fashion colors.

WOMEN’S Everlane Alternatives

 1. EVERLANE’S Cheeky Straight Jean

Cheeky Straight Jean
Outland Denim Abigail Jean

ETHICAL ALTERNATIVE: Outland Denim Abigail Jean

Everyone needs a good girlfriend jean, and Outland Denim delivers just that. The waist-hugging high rise and relaxed leg make these premium organic cotton jeans comfortable and stylish; what more could you ask for?

2. EVERLANE’S Track Jogger

Track Jogger
Girlfriend Collective 50/50 Classic Jogger

ETHICAL ALTERNATIVE: Girlfriend Collective 50/50 Classic Jogger 

A mid-rise gender neutral jogger made from recycled scraps found on cutting room floors. Both eco-friendly and eco-cozy, these pants are the best of both worlds made for every body to enjoy.

3. EVERLANE’S Silky Cotton Relaxed Shirt

Silky Cotton Relaxed Shirt
Everlane alternative Ministry of Supply Aero Zero Oversized Shirt
Ministry of Supply Aero Zero Oversized Shirt

ETHICAL ALTERNATIVE: Ministry of Supply Aero Zero Oversized Shirt 

A staple piece in any wardrobe, this minimalist style shirt allows endless styling possibilities. Made from 100% recycled fabric and tailored for an oversized unisex boyfriend look, it is the perfect layering piece.

4. EVERLANE’S Organic Cotton Box-Cut Tee

Organic Cotton Box-Cut Tee
Everlane alternative The Classic T-Shirt Company Short Box Tee
The Classic T-Shirt Company Short Box Tee

SUSTAINABLE ALTERNATIVE: The Classic T-Shirt Company Short Box Tee

The Short Box Tee has everything you look for in a perfect tee: soft to the touch, loose cut, slightly cropped length, made from organic cotton, made in usa, and ethical: purchasing this shirt supports living wages for clothing makers in LA. A true feel-good purchase!

5. EVERLANE’S Italian Leather Studio Bag

Italian Leather Studio Bag
Parker Clay Caroline Tote

EVERLANE ALTERNATIVE 2024: Parker Clay Caroline Tote 

Made from Ethiopian leather, this tote bag is thin strapped, lightweight, and durable enough to carry anything. From your laptop to your lunch, the Caroline tote allows you to bring along whatever you may need while doing it in style.

Summary of Sustainable Alternatives to Everlane

We know brands like Everlane can be tempting, which is why Eco-Stylist is here to help you shop smarter. We’re providing you with options for purchasing equally “Everlane-esque” minimalist and modern pieces, made by brands you can trust are more ethical and sustainable.

More Sustainable Brands Like Everlane

For more sustainable brands like Everlane, check out our directory of 100+ certified sustainable brands.

What brands would you like to see ethical alternatives for?

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*Article updated 4/2/23.

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2 thoughts on “10 Everlane Alternatives 2024 | Brands Similar to Everlane”

  1. Can you give some options for eco-friendly alternatives to fashion nova? They cater to curvy body types, and I am really struggling to find eco-friendly brands that design clothing with curvy, feminine figures in mind. Please help! 🙂

    1. AnaMia, great question! For Fashion Nova swaps thrifting is probably the best option. A few brands that have some similar things are:

      1. Girlfriend Collective – https://www.eco-stylist.com/ethical-brand/girlfriend-collective/
      2. Kotn – https://www.eco-stylist.com/ethical-brand/kotn/
      3. Pact (for some stuff) – https://www.eco-stylist.com/ethical-brand/pact/
      4. Naadam – https://www.eco-stylist.com/ethical-brand/naadam/
      5. Reformation – https://www.eco-stylist.com/ethical-brand/reformation/

      I’ll keep your question in mind for future content and as we add more brands (a bunch of new ones are coming soon).

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