The 30 Best Ethical and Sustainable Clothing Brands for Men

sustainable clothing for men featuring colorful standard

Looking for some new denim or a pair of shoes but worried about social and environmental impact? No need to spend hours sifting through websites to figure out whether or not a brand is truly sustainable … here at Eco-Stylist, we’ve already done the work for you.

At Eco-Stylist, we only partner with brands who pass our sustainability criteria. We rate brands according to three pillars–Transparency, Fair Labor, and Sustainably Made–and from there, we sort them into three overall ratings–Certified (meet the high bar set by our criteria), Silver (meet our criteria and go a step further), and Gold (go above and beyond, even for ethical fashion).

Only the top 10% of brands pass our criteria at all, so rest assured you are shopping sustainably when you buy from our partner brands, no matter their overall rating.

What are the best sustainable clothing brands for men?

The following list was designed with men in mind. Whether you’re gift-shopping for a man in your life or hoping to refresh your own wardrobe, these brands will keep you (or him!) looking sharp from head to toe.

The Best Ethical Men’s Brands for Essentials


Rating: Silver
Goes Above and Beyond In: Transparency

Outerknown discloses the name of their suppliers, the addresses of their factories, the number of employees, and the certifications of their suppliers. In other words, they’re fully transparent about where their clothes are made. While Outerknown is a great place to find sustainably made casual wear, they’re also a great option for swimwear, as 100% their swim trunks are made from recycled or renewable fibers.

Shop Outerknown

Pictured: Groovy Pocket Tee in Sea Forest, $58

30 Ethical and Sustainable Clothing Brands for Men_Outerknown Groovy Pocket Tee

Colorful Standard

Rating: Silver
Goes Above and Beyond In: Sustainably Made

Ever had trouble finding clothes in just the right color? Colorful Standard offers essentials in over 40 different colors! Their product line includes everything from tees and hoodies to socks, underwear, sweaters, and sweatpants. All of their clothes are made from organic cotton or recycled wool, and ethically made in Portugal. They also created a program for children in the Democratic Republic of Congo called Let Them Play.

Shop Colorful Standard

Pictured: Classic Organic Tee, $38

Colorful Standard basics for men


Rating: Silver
Goes Above and Beyond In: Sustainably Made

Pact uses fair trade cotton to make clothes that are softer, more durable, and better for the environment than clothes made from conventional cotton. They refuse to use toxic dyes and chemicals in their products, and they ship everything in biodegradable or 100% recyclable packaging. They even locally offset carbon with all of their shipping! If you’re looking for comfortable, casual basics, you can’t go wrong with Pact.

Shop Pact

Pictured: Classic Corduroy Pant in Walnut, $88

pact organic cotton corduroy pants for men


Rating: Gold
Goes Above and Beyond In: Fair Labor

With every garment you purchase from Tentree, ten trees are planted around the world. Their goal? To plant 1 billion trees by 2030. Tentree also partners with programs working to reduce poverty and restore healthy forests, displaying their commitment to community involvement. Any purchase you make from Tentree–whether a hoodie, underwear, bottoms, or a coat–is directly linked to positive change.

Shop Tentree

Pictured: TreeFleece Blocked Reynard Hoodie, $78

Tentree TreeFleece Hoodie

The Good Tee

Rating: Gold
Goes Above and Beyond In: Transparency

Predictably, The Good Tee sells organic, fair trade, cotton T-shirts in comfortable styles meant to last. Their products are made to decompose in soil, and they disclose where all of their products are being produced. If you’re in need of a long lasting, basic T-shirt (and who isn’t?), look no further–The Good Tee has your back.

Shop The Good Tee

Pictured: The Fave & Fair Unisex Tee in Storm-Grey, $31.50

The Good Tee Fave & Fair Unisex Tee

Top Business Casual Sustainable Clothing for Men

Taylor Stitch

Rating: Certified
Goes Above and Beyond In: Sustainably Made

If you’re looking for classic timeless style and clothes that are built to last, check out Taylor Stitch. Based in San Francisco, they offer a lifetime warranty on their clothes, from button-downs to jeans, pocket tees, chinos, and jackets. They use a variety of more sustainable fabrics, transparency into where their clothes are made, and circularity through their Restitch program. Restitch takes back used Taylor Stitch clothes, repairs them, and resells them on their website. Get stoked.

Shop Taylor Stitch

Pictured: The Jack Shirt, $98

Taylor Stitch_Sustainable clothing for men 2023


Rating: Silver
Goes Above and Beyond In: Fair Labor

Looking for sustainably made button-up shirts for men? California based Vustra is your brand. Vustra offers colorful and patterned options appropriate for the office or your local coffee shop. Their shirts are made from GOTS certified organic cotton or linen. Vustra ensures fair labor with a combination of Fair Trade certified, Sedex, and BSCI factories.

Shop Vustra

Pictured: Chambray Oxford, $110

Chambray Oxford Shirt by Vustra


Rating: Silver
Goes Above and Beyond In: Transparency

Kotn offers staple pieces in a minimalist and sometimes fashion forward aesthetic. Great for slacks, turtlenecks, coats, and shirts. This Canada based brand is bringing the “farm to table” to table concept to your clothes, with all of their sourcing done in Egypt. Every purchase helps support the lives of the farmers in their supply chain, and their families.

Shop Kotn

Pictured: Men’s Aurés Cardigan, $198

mens sustainable cardigan from Kotn

Ministry of Supply

Rating: Certified
Goes Above and Beyond In: Sustainably Made

If you’re looking for thoughtfully designed clothing with style and purpose, check out Ministry of Supply. Their selection of business casual and professional clothing is designed to be worn again and again, wherever life takes you.

Ministry of Supply is Carbon Neutral certified and they hold certifications at each of their factories, ensuring their supply chain complies with labor standards, human and labor rights risks are addressed, and their factories are regularly assessed. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

Shop Ministry of Supply

Pictured: The Kinetic Blazer, $348

kinetic blazer gray by ministry of supply


Rating: Certified
Goes Above and Beyond In: Transparency

With a focus on quality over quantity, Asket knows what they’re doing when it comes to long-lasting essentials. With a high score in transparency, they’re currently working toward a goal of 100% traceability–as of 2020, they sat at 84% product traceability, so they’re certainly on their way to meeting their goal. Some of their most popular items are the T-Shirt, the Oxford Shirt, the Merino Sweater and the Chino.


Pictured: The Merino Sweater in Burgundy, $115

ASKET Merino Sweater

Top Ethical and Sustainable Shoe Brands for Men

Adelante Made-to-Order

Rating: Gold
Goes Above and Beyond In: Fair Labor

Based in Boston, MA, Adelante Shoe Company offers shoe and boot styles great for casual, business casual, and professional attire. When it comes to Fair Labor, they’re among the most progressive brands in paying living wages to their makers. They’re also committed to creating products that don’t contaminate the environment–they’re actively working toward the goal of running a carbon-neutral business while ensuring their supply chain, production process, and products are environmentally friendly.

Shop Adelante Made-to-Order

Pictured: The Viento in Black, $225

Adelante Viento Shoe Living Wages


Rating: Certified
Goes Above and Beyond In: Transparency

8000Kicks is best-known for their hemp vegan friendly shoes, but they also offer backpacks and accessories. The V2 sneakers seen here are one of the only waterproof hemp kicks on the market. 8000Kicks pays living wages to their shoe makers and uses eco-friendly materials like—you guessed it—hemp and algae blooms.

Shop 8000Kicks

Pictured: Explorer V2 Hemp Sneakers Full Black, $129

hemp waterproof sneakers mens shoes


Rating: Certified
Goes Above and Beyond In: Fair Labor

Nisolo offers a range of casual and professional shoes, from sandals to boots. They use responsibly-sourced leather to make their products, and they have excellent fair labor practices. On average, their producers earn 33% above fair trade wages. While Nisolo focuses on shoes, they also sell bags, belts, and socks. To them, making shoes is an art form, and it shows in the quality of their products.

Shop Nisolo

Pictured: All-Weather Chelsea Boot in Brandy, $260

Nisolo All-Weather Chelsea Boot

Thousand Fell

Rating: Certified
Goes Above and Beyond In: Sustainably Made

Thousand Fell makes clean minimalist sneakers that are easy to style and come with a smaller environmental footprint. All of their sneakers are designed to be recycled, and they incentivize you to send them back when you’re done so they can complete the job. How’s that for a circular business model? All Thousand Fell sneakers are also vegan friendly. The brand is based in New York and the shoes are made in Brazil.

Shop Thousand Fell

Pictured: The Men’s Lace Up, $125

Thousand-Fell-White-Mens-Sneakers Vegan and Circular


Rating: Certified
Goes Above and Beyond In: Transparency

Are you looking for shoes that are built to last, and made by craftsmen that are paid fair wages? Koio understood the assignment. Koio offers a variety of high quality sneakers, boots, slip-ons, low-tops, and high-tops, made in Italy. Their high end designs give high fashion vibes without the high fashion price tag. The leather is Leather Working Group certified Silver. The sole of this sneaker is 50% FSC certified (good for forests) natural rubber and 40% recycled rubber.

Shop Koio

Pictured: The Capri in Mocha, $275


Ethical Athletic and Outdoor Clothing for Men


Rating: Gold
Goes Above and Beyond In: Transparency

A well-known outdoor brand, Patagonia receives a perfect score in transparency. They disclose an extensive level of supply chain traceability and engage manufacturing facilities to promote human rights and environmental sustainability. They’ve committed to being carbon neutral by 2025, and their clothes carry a lifetime guarantee. There’s a reason Patagonia’s reputation has held up for so many years.

Shop Patagonia

Pictured: Men’s Terrebonne Joggers in Classic Navy, $99

Patagonia Terrebonne Joggers


Rating: Silver
Goes Above and Beyond In: Sustainably Made

Icebreaker creates versatile outdoor clothing, and they’re currently transitioning to all-natural fibers by 2023. They publicly release reports on their water consumption and CO2 emissions, and they use merino wool, which is ethically farmed in New Zealand. They carry products for men, women, and even children, so their website is the perfect place to shop both for yourself and for the important people in your life.

Shop Icebreaker

Pictured: Men’s BodyfitZone™ Merino 150 Zone Long Sleeve Half Zip Thermal Top in Loden, $105

Icebreaker Thermal Top


Rating: Silver
Goes Above and Beyond In: Fair Labor

Inspired by a love for the outdoors, Coalatree makes eco-minded clothes for people who like to spend time outside. Coalatree ensures fair wages for clothing makers with their Fair Wear certification, and responsible practices for the environment with their Bluesign approved materials. Their tags and packaging are made with recycled paper from post-consumer waste content.

Shop Coalatree

Pictured: The Whistler Windbreaker in Red, $125


Iron Roots

Rating: Certified
Goes Above and Beyond In: Sustainably Made

Iron Roots specializes in sustainable gym and workout clothes that are microplastic free. And trust us, this is hard to find. When it comes to performance clothes, brands have defaulted to fabrics like recycled polyester or nylon, but not Iron Roots. Using natural materials like hemp and TENCEL (like this shirt) they give you high performance clothes without the synthetics. So go ahead, work up a sweat, it’s only natural materials touching your skin.

Shop Iron Roots

Pictured: [PF32.Wood] T-Shirt – Black, $47



Rating: Certified
Goes Above and Beyond In: Sustainably Made

Cotopaxi is well known for their colorful outdoor gear and apparel. They carry a wide selection from t-shirts, vests, jackets, and shorts to backpacks, chalk bags, and bags. Cotopaxi is B Corp certified and allocates 1% of annual revenues to the Cotopaxi Foundation advancing their mission of supporting global poverty alleviation.

Shop Cotopaxi

Pictured: Abrazo Half-Zip Fleece, $120

Cotopaxi Abrazo Half-Zip Fleece

Top Eco-Conscious Denim Brands for Men

Nudie Jeans

Rating: Gold
Goes Above and Beyond In: Transparency

Nudie Jeans makes their jeans from 100% organic cotton, but they also produce shirts, jackets, and sweaters. They measure and disclose their water usage and CO2 emissions, and they offer transparency on exactly where their clothes are produced and how many employees work in that facility. The score highly in all three of our focus areas, showing the extent of their commitment to ethically made clothing.

Shop Nudie Jeans

Pictured: Grim Tim in Worn Sonic, $200

Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Jeans

Kuyichi Pure Goods

Rating: Gold
Goes Above and Beyond In: Sustainably Made

The first clothing brand to make 100% organic denim, Kuyichi Pure Goods also uses fabric scraps in their garments to reduce the amount of waste they send to the landfill. On their website, you can find a list of their entire production facilities, and over half of their suppliers use renewable energy in their processes. It’s clear style and sustainability go hand-in-hand for this brand.

Shop Kuyichi Pure Goods

Pictured: Jim Tapered Heritage Blue in Light Blue, $139

Kuyichi Pure Goods Jim Tapered Heritage Blue Jeans

MUD Jeans

Rating: Gold
Goes Above and Beyond In: Sustainably Made

MUD Jeans uses organic cotton and recycled cotton in all of their fabrics, and they focus on circularity, fair production, and positive activism as the work to change the fashion industry. Their products can be bought or leased, and returned jeans are either sold as a used pair or recycled into a new pair of jeans. This is great news, especially since so many fast fashion brands send returned clothing to landfills.

Shop MUD Jeans 

Pictured: Regular Dunn Stretch in O3 Grey, €129,95 (~$142)

MUD Jeans Regular Dunn Stretch Jeans

Outland Denim

Rating: Gold
Goes Above and Beyond In: Transparency

Our highest ranking partner brand (and our only Gold brand so far!), Outland Denim receives a perfect score in Transparency. Not only do they disclose where their garments are made, they also share where their packaging, pocket lining, thread, labels and tags, and their zippers come from. If necessary, they provide transportation for their workers, and they focus research on water purification, carbon footprint reduction, and zero-waste production. They are true leaders in the sustainable fashion sphere.

Shop Outland Denim 

Pictured: Ranger in Washed Black, $195

Outland Denim Ranger Jeans

Sustainably Made Accessories for Men

Parker Clay

Rating: Certified
Goes Above and Beyond In: Fair Labor

Parker Clay has you covered when it comes to luxury bags and accessories. Their products all come from one factory in Ethiopia, where they employ more than 150 people. They provide job and soft skill training to their employees, as well as self-development workshops and classes. Their suppliers also recycle 100% of their water. If you need a new wallet, look no further than Parker Clay.

Shop Parker Clay 

Pictured: Abera Billfold Wallet in Rust Brown, $88

Parker Clay Abera Billfold Wallet

Brilliant Earth

Rating: Certified
Goes Above and Beyond In: Transparency

Jewelry is the perfect accessory to elevate a man’s outfit and apply the final touches. When it comes to ethical jewelry Brilliant Earth has you covered. Featuring chains, necklaces, rings, bracelets, cuff links, and more. Brilliant Earth does an exceptional job sourcing the best materials including recycled metals, lab grown diamonds, and conflict free gem stones. So go ahead, you can rock their jewelry with a clear conscious.

Shop Brilliant Earth

Pictured: Zeke Curb Chain Bracelet (3mm), $395

ethical jewelry for men

Warby Parker

Rating: Silver
Goes Above and Beyond In: Fair Labor

If it’s time for a new pair of glasses, give Warby Parker a try. They produce sustainable glasses through their carbon offset projects, and they use 80% less packaging material than other companies. Through their “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” program, Warby Parker also addresses the issue of global access to glasses. They allow you to try frames on at home for free so you can find a pair you like before you buy.

Shop Warby Parker 

Pictured: Dalton in Seaweed Crystal with Amber Tortoise, $95

Warby Parker Dalton Glasses

Known Supply

Rating: Certified
Goes Above and Beyond In: Fair Labor

KNOWN SUPPLY offers a great selection of beanies, hats, scarves, and face masks (they also offer a full range of clothes beyond accessories). Their clothes are Fair Trade certified and made from organic cotton. KNOWN SUPPLY is “The Most Human Brand™” because each piece includes who made it on the tag, allowing you to “meet the maker” right on their website.

Shop Known Supply

Pictured: Ribbed Knit Beanie, $28



Rating: Silver
Goes Above and Beyond In: Sustainably Made

Topiku sells casual baseball hats made of 100% recycled and upcycled materials salvaged from landfills. All hats are made by artisans in Cigondewah, Indonesia, where they allow their makers to work from home if needed. Notably, they’re the only employer of women in the neighborhood. Topiku also offers custom orders for individuals and businesses, so hit them up the next time you need a personalized gift.

Shop Topiku (use code ECOSTYLIST10 for 10% off)

Pictured: MGY 05 Sayu, $35

Topiku MGY 05 Sayu Hat

Voyce Threads

Rating: Certified
Goes Above and Beyond In: Sustainably Made

With the intention of starting conversations about issues that matter, Voyce Threads makes unique pairs of mismatched socks inspired by charitable organizations. They collect scraps and recycle fabric waste, and they use recycled cotton and polyester to create their socks. For one-of-a-kind socks that spark one-of-a-kind conversations, Voyce Threads is absolutely the way to go.

Shop Voyce Threads

Pictured: Teach for America Phoenix, $16

Voyce Threads Teach for America Socks

How am I supposed to navigate what is actually more conscious clothing and what is marketing lingo or greenwashing?

You don’t have to because we did the work for you. Our criteria is really thorough so brands that are faking it… they fail. Our brand directory is free of greenwashing, fast fashion, and fast fashion “conscious collections.”

Unfortunately there’s tons of greenwashing out there and the average article recommending sustainable brands isn’t based on research. We hope you find this article and our brand directory useful tools in your quest to battle greenwashing, and to find the most sustainable brands on earth.

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is a broad term, often defined as just one thing, and rarely defined in a way that is complete. Here’s what it is not: sustainable fashion is not exclusive, it is not expensive, it is not only one thing (like only thrifting or only buying more sustainable brands), it is not fast fashion, and it is not about being perfect.

So what is sustainable fashion then? Well, first off it is for everyone. Sustainable fashion starts with wearing the clothes you have, taking care of them, and rewearing them. It is also swapping clothes, supporting more sustainable brands, thrifting, mending your clothes, renting clothes, and being an activist for a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry.

Sustainable fashion is a movement that’s free to join and all about making more conscious choices. You don’t have to do everything, it just requires making changes where you can and supporting the community.

What is a sustainable brand?

When it comes to buying new, sustainable fashion brands are those that consider the human and environmental impacts of their clothing and take strong and tangible actions to improve both. These brands are transparent about where their clothes are made, pay fair wages, and manufacture more sustainably—from the fabrics to waste, water, CO2, packaging and more.

It is not enough for brands to just use more eco-friendly fabrics and claim they are sustainable. There are many other factors that make a good brand, especially taking care of the people who make our clothes.

Obviously no brand is 100% “sustainable”, so when we say sustainable brands what we mean is the most sustainable brands that we can find, and verify through research. Sustainable brands know that they’ll never reach complete sustainability so they are always learning and looking for new ways to improve their impact.

Where to find more sustainable clothing for men 2023

We hope you found this guide to ethical brands for men useful! For more, check out these resources:

*Featured image credit: Colorful Standard.

**Article last updated 10/07/23.

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