The Best Sustainable and Ethical Alternatives to Urban Outfitters

Staying on trend in a world where what’s “in” or “out” of fashion seems ever-changing is hard enough, but not supporting fast fashion in the process can feel even more difficult. Luckily buying ethical and sustainable pieces that are still trendy and fashionable is easier than ever thanks to our collection of Eco-Stylist certified brands.

Looking for Sustainable Alternatives to Urban Outfitters that aren’t Boring?

Urban Outfitters is an incredibly popular fast fashion company that carries a wide range of clothing, accessories, and lifestyle products. Their products are ever-changing and with new collections dropping all the time it’s no wonder the cycle of overconsumption continues.

But just because you care about the planet doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, so we have found the top picks for dressing fashionably AND sustainably.

Which Sustainable Brands Would You Recommend to a Conscious Consumer that Loves the Urban Outfitters Vibe?

We’ve compiled our top picks below so you can dress in a way that makes you, and the planet, feel good!

sustainable alternatives urban outfitters swap girlfriend collective

Girlfriend Collective – Loungewear Like Urban Outfitters 

Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable loungewear and athleisure brand known for its body-positive sizing and products made from recycled materials. Their timeless designs focus on construction and silhouette, making sure to make something that is comfortable and flattering for everyone, and making sure it stays fashionable and wearable until the end of its life.

Urban Outfitters athleisure brand, iets frans, makes loungewear from size XXS to XXL, while Girlfriend Collective offers sizes from XXS to 6XL while also being made of sustainable and longer-lasting materials. 

Sustainability Rating: Silver

Outerknown Apparel and Swimwear for Men and Women

Outerknown – Apparel and Swimwear for Men and Women

Outerknown is your go-to for sustainably made casual wear, they carry a wide range of clothing and swimwear in both men’s and women’s sizing. 

One of the things that draws people into buying from fast fashion brands like Urban Outfitters is the vast range of styles and options, but with Outerknown you can still find the style that is perfect for you while knowing you’re supporting sustainable and ethically made clothing.

Sustainability Rating: Silver

ethical alternative to urban outfitters boyish jeans

Boyish – The Urban Outfitters Denim Alternative

Boyish is a sustainable denim company focused on giving vintage styles a modern and fashionable update created with fewer chemicals and a third of the water a typical pair of jeans uses. 

Urban Outfitters’ popular denim brand BDG carries an ever-changing range of styles that follow every trend, but they also contribute to the over 50% of clothing that ends up in landfills, Boyish has equally fashionable and on-trend denim that doesn’t give into every micro trend.

Sustainability Rating: Gold

sustainable alternatives urban outfitters subset underwear

Subset – Ethical Intimates 

Subset is an eco-conscious underwear brand dedicated to circularity through its take back program, which gives any old underwear, bras, and socks the opportunity to be recycled, so long as they’re clean! Subset is a good alternative to Urban Outfitters intimate section.

Urban Outfitters in house intimates brand, out from under, is known for their wide range of underwear for everyday use or special occasions, Subset has that same opportunity for options without causing harm to the planet.

Sustainability Rating: Gold

ethical alternatives to urban outfitters ten thousand villages

Ten Thousand Villages – Urban Outfitters Alternative for Gifts and Home Goods

Ten Thousand Villages is an incredible shop that supports small-scale artisan groups from all over the world to bring unique gifts home and kitchenware straight to you. 

Urban Outfitters carries a wide variety of home goods, gifts, and lifestyle products that are not made sustainably and are mass-produced. Not only is Ten Thousand Villages an excellent alternative because of the lack of mass production but they carry a wide range of fair trade products that are handmade across the globe ensuring that you can find gifts and home goods that are special to you.

Sustainability Rating: Certified

urban jewelry alternative astor and orion

Astor & Orion – Circular Jewelry

Astor & Orion is a sustainable jewelry company that makes funky and classy earrings, necklaces, and bracelets with a circular business model. All of their unique pieces are made with 100% recycled metal and are available in gold, silver, or rose gold.

Urban outfitters has a large assortment of jewelry that follows every trend, which also unfortunately includes the trend of the jewelry tarnishing or breaking after just a few wears and ending up in the landfill. When you buy from Astor & Orion they have thought of how every part of the product’s lifespan, from concept to customer, affects the planet. 

Sustainability Rating: Certified

urban active wear alternative wolven

Wolven Threads – Sexy Streetwear

Wolven Threads is a streetwear and athleisure store that is committed to keeping sustainability sexy by using buttery soft vegan fabric made from recycled plastic. Their versatile and reversible athleisure is available in a variety of solid colors or their collection of trademark prints.

Urban Outfitters athleisure brand, iets frans carries its own line of relaxed streetwear but without earth friendly fabric and attention to detail Wolven Threads puts into all of their products.

Sustainability Rating: Certified

urban swap colorful standard

Colorful Standard – Versatile Basics

Colorful Standard carries colorful basics for men and women in a range of sizes. Colorful Standard’s basics are available in over 60 colors and are made with environmentally friendly dye, giving you plenty of options but none of which will hurt the planet.

Basics are just that, basic! Meaning you’ll probably want to wear them for a long time so why take a shortcut? Fast fashion basics, like the ones sold at Urban Outfitters, tend to be cheap which makes it seem like a good deal but when they end up falling apart after just a few wears it’s more sustainable (and economical) to spend a little bit extra for something made to last. 

Sustainability Rating: Silver

ethical brand organic basics

Organic Basics – Basics Made With Organic Cotton

Organic Basics sells a wide variety of, you guessed it, basics! They have underwear, activewear, and everyday essentials in men’s, women’s, and unisex sizing all made with organic cotton. 

Basics are a necessary part of anyone’s wardrobe and are probably what’s going to be worn most often, meaning you need something that is durable and well made so it can last longer than if you bought it from a fast fashion retailer.

Sustainability Rating: Certified

slow fashion brand with bold patterns marimekko

Marimekko – Stand Out Prints

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd Marimekko offers clothing, bags, and accessories in timeless colors and prints. They use waste reduction techniques and are carbon neutral, while still prioritizing the health and wellbeing of their workers.

Shopping fast fashion may be convenient but if you truly want to express your own style there is no better place than Marimekko, where you can find sustainably made designs that will have everyone asking you “where did you get that?”

Sustainability Rating: Certified

Why Should I Not Support Fast Fashion Brands?

Fast fashion not only contributes to the overconsumption of natural resources but also to the overconsumption of clothing, which is why 50% of new clothes end up in a landfill in less than one year. Fast fashion brands prioritize profits over garment workers and the planet.

These brands use low prices to draw consumers in, hoping, no betting, that you’ll overlook their exploitation in order to get a “good deal.” You can bet that government regulation will one day make these companies non-existent, but you don’t have to wait for the laggards in office to make change.

You can start the change today. Dress like you give a damn.

Why Should I Support Ethical Alternatives to Urban Outfitters and Other Fashion Brands?

Sustainably and ethically made clothing brands, like the ones we support here at Eco-Stylist, prioritize all of the stakeholders in their supply chain. From the cotton farmers to the clothing makers to the planet, these brands consider their impact across the entire value chain.

Some companies go even further, thinking about the end of the garment’s life, and incorporating circularity programs, recycling programs, or using fully compostable materials.

How Can I Combat Fast Fashion Stores like Urban Outfitters?

The easiest way to combat fast fashion is to stop supporting it. Opt instead for sustainable alternatives like the brands listed above, thrifting, swapping, and buying less clothing.

You can also combat fast fashion in your everyday life in small ways, like donating old clothing instead of throwing it away, or asking yourself if you are truly going to love an item and rewear it, before you buy it. The simplest way to challenge fast fashion is to rewear the heck out of your clothes and resist the ads telling you that you “need something new.”

Takeaways Re: Sustainable Alternatives Urban Outfitters

We hope the above 10 brands help with your fast fashion detox. For more alternatives including dresses, tees, shorts and more check out our curated Shop.

To explore the most affordable alternatives to fast fashion, including thrifting, check out our guide.

Eco-Stylist is reader-supported. If you make a purchase using our links, we may earn a commission. We only feature fashion brands that pass our sustainable brand criteria. Learn more here.


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