Ethical Gift Guides Christmas 2024

Vote with your wallet and make an impact this Christmas! By giving ethical and sustainable gifts you’re supporting living wages for makers, better environmental practices, and small businesses.

Giving gifts with a positive story is more memorable. Share your values and your passion for sustainability with friends and family this holiday—you might just help them join the cause!

Sustainable and Ethical Gift Guides Christmas 2023

50+ Ethical & Sustainable Gift Ideas

15 Ethical Holiday Gifts for Everyone

With 15 great gift ideas, this gender neutral Christmas gift list is the perfect place to start for all of your ethical and sustainable holiday shopping. Shop unisex gifts that make an impact!

12 Sustainable Gifts for Him Under $100

12 ethical Christmas gifts for men ranging from $12 to $100 with an average price of $50. From tumblers to skincare, socks, boxers, wallets, and dopp kits, each piece sustainably made.

10 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Her Under $50

Looking for holiday gifts that also make a positive impact? Check out our holiday guide to affordable Christmas gift ideas for her. All from ethical and sustainable brands.

Looking for more gift options?

Shop for clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories, all from brands you can trust.

Tips For Affording More Ethical Fashion


Paying fair wages, making higher quality clothes, and producing more sustainably all cost more, meaning sustainable brands cost more than fast fashion.

Choosing to support ethical and sustainable brands is well worth the cost—and paired with buying less can be done without actually spending more money.

Even so, some brands may not be accessible for everyone. That’s why we put together this guide on the most affordable alternatives to fast fashion.

We practice what we preach!

Check out our brand ratings to discover what makes our brands different.

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