What is brand-certified resale and which fashion brands offer it now?

Treet Shop Brand Certified Re-sale

As the focus on sustainability continues to grow, the resale economy is playing a bigger role than ever before. In fact, the future of fashion looks a lot like used clothes, and the movement is being fueled primarily by Gen Z. 

Thrifting is a great option for shopping sustainably

Apart from shopping brands that only use fair and sustainable practices throughout (which you should absolutely be doing, and eco-stylist is a great place to start), buying secondhand offers an impactful sustainable option by extending the life of each garment, keeping it out of landfills, and replacing the need to produce new items. What may have been considered niche in the past has now gained popularity as younger generations redefined new fashion to mean ‘new to me’. More and more Zoomers are shopping resale and are proud to don unique gems they’ve scored sustainably, and for a fraction of the original price. 

Why don’t brands re-sell their own secondhand clothes?

Thankfully, brands have been paying attention to the secondhand shopping trend and have started creating their own resale experiences. Treet is a resale platform that works with dozens of brands to create their own online resale shops that make buying and selling pre-loved items easy and hassle-free. Because Treet partners with brands directly, shoppers can be sure they’re getting authentic, pre-approved items in the mail. What’s also cool is that brands often use their resale sites to sell off excess inventory like factory seconds that are still new, for much less.

Where can you find and shop brand certified resale?

To make these resale experiences easy to find, Treet launched Treet Shop, your home for brand-certified resale, which shows all the best brand-certified secondhand shops in one place. 

There are 35+ brands to choose from on Treet Shop, with more added each week. Here are our top picks for sustainable brands you can shop secondhand, right now:

Treet’s favorite resale brands

Boyish Jeans


  • Wolven Pre-Loved is the official destination for buying sustainable activewear at phenomenal prices.
  • Wolven is an Eco-Stylist Certified brand. See Brand Rating.


  • Maaji Second-Hand shop is full of sustainable, reversible swimwear in must-have colors and styles. 
  • Maaji was selected by the Treet team.

Pistol Lake

  • Pistol Lake, Reloaded is the place to shop factory seconds and gently-used sustainable menswear.
  • Pistol Lake was selected by the Treet team.


  • Unhide, Pre-Loved vegan fur blankets are the cozy companions to your nights in.
  • UnHide was selected by the Treet team.

Check out more you can shop secondhand on Treet Shop

Bonus guides to sustainable living

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This is a guest post written by Yulia Vereshagina.

Yulia Vereshagina Director of Marketing at Treet

Author Bio: Yulia Vereshagina is the Director of Marketing at Treet, a company enabling brands to be more circular by launching their own fully-branded, peer-to-peer resale experiences. Yulia has always been passionate about fashion, sustainability and startups, so Treet was the perfect venture for her to join in early 2022. In her free time she enjoys reading, traveling, taking dance classes and hanging out with her frenchie Lucy.


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