Why Wear Organic Clothing? And How to Keep Your Clothing Organic

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Why should you wear organic clothing? These days, more and more people are taking an interest in organic clothes. After all, there are bountiful benefits you can reap from wearing organic clothing.

Organic fabrics such as hemp, bamboo, or cotton have no dangerous chemicals dispersed through them which is why they’re often chosen for their production. In this blog, we are going to explain why having these organically made products will boost your quality of life and how it is beneficial for your well-being. Using natural garments might just be something that you need!

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Why Wear Organic Clothing and the Benefits of Doing So

Organic clothing is gaining more popularity due to its plethora of perks in comparison with commercially manufactured clothes. One of the most important benefits of wearing organic apparel is that it was manufactured without utilizing any artificial pesticides, fertilizers or any dangerous substance. The materials employed for making such an outfit are much cleaner both for you as well as the environment. 

In addition, organic fabrics have been cultivated and harvested without causing harm to ecosystems or contaminating water supplies, thus more sustainable compared to conventional textiles. Research suggests that 1 kg of cotton production emits 3.3 kg of CO2, whereas 1 kg of Polyester emits 20 kg of CO2. 

When it comes to manufacturing organic fabrics, the process is much more environmentally friendly than creating non-organic materials. For example, organic cotton doesn’t use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers and requires significantly less water – up to 91%, good to maintain better soil quality.

You also don’t have to worry about the supply chain. Organic supply chains are more environmentally friendly and won’t harm any workers in the process. For some apparel manufacturers, the supply comes from farms that practice ethical and organic farming, with no use of harmful chemicals and substances used to kill pests or boost growth. Furthermore, Most of the farms are usually in the same country as the manufacturers, meaning less carbon footprints.

Organic clothing also helps to reduce your exposure to potentially harmful toxins that can be found in conventional fabrics. Non-organic materials may contain traces of pesticide, lead, as well as other toxic chemicals and heavy metals which could cause skin irritation, allergies, or even harm you when they come into contact with your skin. By selecting organic material, you are doing a good job of taking care of yourself by preventing harmful production chemicals from being absorbed into your body.

Such a process is a win for all involved parties. Purchasing these items also sustainably supports farmers who grow their crops naturally with environmentally friendly practices instead of depending on chemical treatments that can be harmful to the environment, workers, and any living being.

A stack of clothes on a white modern chair, image by Sarah Dorweiler from Unsplash
Image by Sarah Dorweiler from Unsplash

Do Organic Clothes Make a Difference? Is Organic Clothing Eco Friendly?

With limited knowledge, it’s hard to consider switching to organic clothing. Organic clothing brands tend to be more expensive and that makes people wonder if it’s worth the price. Let’s unveil the truth so you can make a better choice when shopping for your next outfit. 

Wearing organic clothes has many benefits for both you and the environment. Its production process requires fewer resources than conventional fabrics do. No chemicals are used for most organic fibers. They will emit less water wastage from chemical fertilizers as well. Because of their natural fibers construction, there’s no risk of synthetic microfibers being released into water and oceans when they’re washed like with polyester, for example.

Other than the aforementioned benefits, organic clothing lasts longer than regular conventional clothing. Natural textiles, such as cotton or linen, last longer than conventional materials like polyester due to their lack of chemical treatments – which makes them far better for the environment as well. 

To add to that, they’re non-toxic and free from any dyes or irritants that could cause skin reactions. The hypoallergenic trait makes them a better contender for baby and kids’ clothing than other commercial apparel. They are also perfect if you have sensitive skin.

Using organic clothing also helps you support local farmers who use sustainable farming methods over large industrial operations where hazardous chemicals are used during production. This would help other trusted brands buy more materials from the farmers and help them produce more while keeping the earth cooler. Furthermore, organic farming methods use less water, fuel, and energy consumption.

Cotton field, image by Amber Martin from Unsplash
Image by Amber Martin from Unsplash

Why Wear Organic Cotton? Is Organic Cotton Better?

There are many organic garments out there that you could try, from hemp to bamboo, but the most commonly used one is cotton. 

Cotton is easier to cultivate and produce than any other alternative option, but conventional cotton could use harmful chemicals in the process. So, here’s what you need to know about organic cotton clothing and its perks.

Organic cotton clothing is stealing the spotlight amongst fashionistas. Organic cotton has better quality and doesn’t involve the use of any harmful chemicals or pesticides, plus the fabric feels softer than conventional normal cotton. Organic cotton shirts have a greater lifespan too due to added durability, their shape won’t wither away too quickly nor will their color fade like conventional clothes. 

Organic cotton tends to be softer as well due to the lack of harmful chemical additions, compared to non-organic cotton. Organic cotton fibers are more comfortable against your skin and more breathable than materials like spandex and polyester. Its breathability also helps you to adapt to the temperature, you’ll feel cooler on hot days and warmer in cooler weather too. Wearing organic cotton clothing has never been this relieving. 

Another honorable mention is there are plenty of organizations that support the usage and development of organic cotton like GOTS and Fairtrade Cotton. These organizations are also responsible for quality checking, so the cotton used for manufacturing will have magnificent quality. They also take care of problems related to cotton farmers and cotton crops. Time to switch to organic cotton and keep that shirt elegant.

A well-dressed woman preparing a healthy dish, Image by Jason Briscoe from Unsplash
Image by Jason Briscoe from Unsplash

Are Organic Fabrics Better for Your Health?

Both wearing organic clothing and clean eating are a few ways you could live an overall healthier life, and they offer you lots of benefits too. What makes wearing organic clothing and clean eating beneficial for your health? 

Research suggests that heavy metals existing in both water and fabrics could affect the quality of your health significantly. Furthermore,  another study found that the same contaminated water could affect the source of food as well. This should be a wake-up call to start eating healthier and wearing organic clothes!

Wearing clothes made out of ethical and organic material helps to minimize our exposure to toxins present in commercial fabrics, making it less likely for us to absorb harmful chemicals through our clothes. It’s the same with clean eating. Clean eating not only provides us with the necessary vitamins and minerals required for optimum health but also aids in reducing toxins and harmful substances from fast food or junk food.

To maximize the benefits, it’s better to practice both in unison. You could try buying organic clothing and organic food to practice mindful consumption and clean eating. By sticking to a sustainable lifestyle free from harmful substances, you also do yourself and the earth a favor. The soil, air, and water around you will be less polluted and harmed by chemicals.  

By opting for healthier consumption, clothing or food, we help to protect ourselves from the potential long-term effects associated with regular intake of toxic ingredients. This serves as a reminder to live a healthier life. Learn more about the connection between clean eating and organic clothing here.

Organic Fabric is Worth It.

Organic clothing offers us a healthier and more sustainable option compared to regular conventional apparel. Having less toxic chemicals helps you to live a healthier life and is less harmful to the environment too.

What’s more? Organic fabrics are much softer and last longer – in case you fancy something durable and soft. Good news: we handpicked 5 premium organic brands just for you. They use certified organic materials like organic cotton and hemp and have their own stories to tell from their products.

Keep Your Clothing Organic with These 5 Sustainable Brands

A female model showcasing Pact's hoodie


Pact is no ordinary sustainable brand. Pact is sustainably certified and they support fair trade by using certified organic cotton. From bedding and kitchen towels to dresses for parties, Pact could cover all your needs for stylish and organic fabrics.

A female model showcasing Colorful Standard's sweater

Colorful Standard

Colorful Standard could help you with lush colorful organic clothing. All dyes and materials used for their products are safe for you and the environment. 100% made from organic cotton and recycled wool. As featured in 8 top-notch media, Colorful Standards is trusted by beloved fashionistas.

A female model showcasing Outerknown's shirt


All Outerknown products use at least 95% organic material, including organic cotton, hemp, and upcycled cotton. Outerknown is perfect for everyone who fancies stylish organic clothing. Moreover, they offer a variety of clothing, from jeans to swimwear!

A male model showcasing Vustra's shirt


All cool lads in town wear Vustra. Vustra offers you organic men’s clothing with 100% sustainable dyes and fibres. They use not only organic cotton, but also hemp, upcycled cotton, and more organic materials! Who thought being stylish could be this cool and sustainable?

A female model showcasing KNOWN SUPPLY's special edition dress

Known Supply

KNOWN SUPPLY offers you a range of size-inclusive organic clothes. Most of their collections were made with certified organic cotton. You could also get to know KNOWN SUPPLY’s workers and history through their products!

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