5 Unisex Sustainable Clothing Brands You Want to Know

As society becomes more woke about non-binary genders, the fashion industry has seen a surge of unisex options and labels. The masculine and feminine norms that once ruled the fashion industry are slowly but surely, changing.

Gender expression has been a huge part of many cultures and the way we dress ourselves has been a manifestation of our gender expression for centuries. It is noted that “androgynous style seeks to unite the male and the female body in one, leading to a return to a primordial cosmic unity, which would alleviate the confusion of gender roles and the stress resulting from it.” The way one dresses is how one perceives themselves and how they would like others to perceive them.

While sustainable fashion is relatively new, it is already responding to the demand for gender neutral fashion. Here are 5 ethical brands that offer gender neutral clothing:

Known Supply

Known Supply is re-inventing clothing in a way that dignifies the people who make our clothes. They offer quality unisex staples, each piece of clothing is hand-signed by the maker and they invite you to learn more about the makers on their website.

Learn more about Known Supply in our in-depth interview with co-founder Kohl Crecelius.


Offering a wide selection of simple, yet unique gender neutral clothing, Kowtow is a leader in the sustainable fashion industry. All of their garments are certified by internationally recognized non-profit organizations.

Additionally, all of their cotton is certified fair trade and other materials like merino wool are only sourced by farmers who implement the highest level of animal welfare, environmental impact, and social responsibility. Giving emphasis to their materials and gender inclusivity, Kowtow is committed to making positive change.

zero waste daniel

A pioneer in the New York fashion industry and zero waste community, Daniel Silverstein, aka zero waste daniel, created a unique line of zero waste and genderless clothing. Turning “literal tons of scrap material into a growing business [Daniel] aims to continue to grow the business and bring this philosophy to other collaborators to make waste a thing of the past.”

zero waste daniel offers a large selection of gender neutral avant garde apparel and accessories that are made from textile by-products that would have otherwise made there way into a landfill. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!


Embracing every body, Olderbrother offers a wide range of modern, young, gender neutral clothing. They celebrate the use of sustainable, fair trade work, while promoting only the best of materials and dyes.

They believe that “there is no place for heavy metals or toxins in our lives so, true to that, they don’t touch our clothes. Colors spring from hibiscus, sustainable wood bark or turmeric…” Olderbrother is your one stop shop for hip, gender neutral clothing.

John Taylor

This new sustainable unisex brand has just launched and we’re excited to see what’s coming! We met the founder and designer, John Taylor, at the Sustainable Fashion Forum in Portland, Oregon.

Keep tabs on this one and follow them on Instagram to see what they have in store for us. Their first product available for preorder is the chore kimono, made in the USA of 100% linen.

Their stunning product shots are by Joe Friend Photography.

Looking for a Unisex Tee?

Check out the unisex Eco-Stylist tee! This shirt features our slogan “Dress Like You Give a Damn” and is responsibly made in line with your values.

Made in an SA8000 factory, powered by renewable energy, sourced from GOTS certified organic cotton, and designed to be sent back and upcycled when you’re done with it. Support our work and grab one today.

Missing a Piece in Your Wardrobe?

Over the past decade, the fashion industry has started to make the switch to more gender neutral clothing, but finding gender neutral clothing that is also ethically and sustainably made can be a challenge. Fortunately, all the brands listed above offer a variety of unisex options that also keep the environment and workers in mind.

Having trouble finding a gender neutral piece? Let us know in the comments. Your voice matters to us!

Eco-Stylist is reader-supported. If you make a purchase using our links, we may earn a commission. We only feature fashion brands that pass our sustainable brand criteria. Learn more here.


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