17 Sustainable Clothing Brands for Big and Tall Men

As the demand for sustainable fashion continues to rise, it becomes increasingly apparent that we don’t live in a one size fits all world. According to the CDC the average man over 20 has a waist measuring 40.3 inches.

The push for plus size women’s clothing has gained a lot of attention in the media, but big and tall men need clothes too! While promoting inclusivity in sustainable fashion, we had to address the needs of our big and tall friends.

Here’s a big list of 17 sustainable clothing brands for big and tall men:


Simplicity and style go hand in hand when creating a sustainable wardrobe. Outerknown sells shirts, t shirts, and shorts as big as an XXL.

The great thing about their style is that the pieces are versatile and can easily be dressed up or dressed down. With just a few of their garments, you can be ready for almost any occasion.

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Organic Basics

Quality basics like underwear can sometimes be hard to find as a big guy. Organic Basics makes sustainable quality basics even for the big guys.

Their underwear and t-shirts come in sizes as large as XXL. They emphasize innovation and quality in materials, while keeping their products up to the highest standard.

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The Classic T-Shirt Company

Look no further for the perfect tee. These high quality expertly crafted tees come in sizes up to 3XL.

What’s more? They’re made from GOTS organic cotton, saving water and eliminating harmful pesticides. They’re also ethically made in a Fair Trade factory in the US.

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Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch does not settle for less when it comes to quality and manufacturing. They offer a variety of shirts, outerwear, and knitwear in sizes up to XXL, and pants up to a 38 waist. Additionally, all their pants come in 36 length and they will hem your pants for free at any of their storefronts.

Taylor Stitch works off a crowdfunding business model that reduces waste by only making what consumers demand. They also work hard to incorporate recycled materials into their production to lower their carbon footprint. Promoting quality over all else, Taylor Stitch will keep you sleek and sustainable.

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If you’re looking for staple menswear with a little edge Kotn is your brand. They’ve got everything from tees to turtlenecks, sweats, chinos, and hoodies, always with an interesting design element or color option.

Their sizes go up to 3XL in some items, and 2XL in most everything else. Learn more about what makes Kotn sustainable here.

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If you are a big guy looking for a quality leather shoe, Adelante is the place to look. Their shoes come as big as a size 15 and come in very very wide (EEEE) sizes.

Adelante was created “from the realization that capitalism can be both the cause of and the solution to our greatest social challenges.” Looking at all aspects of the fashion industry, Adelante continues to create quality goods and encourages consumers to put their money where they want to see change.

Get $25 off any pair of these ethically made shoes (discount automatically applied at checkout).

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Patagonia has been a leader in both inclusivity and sustainable fashion. They offer shirts, jackets, fleeces, hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, board shorts, shorts, and snow wear up to a XXXL.

Moreover, they use slim, relaxed, and regular fits that are tailored to men of all different shapes and sizes. Their array of quality goods and sustainable practices makes them one of our favorite brands.

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Outland Denim

Just because you’re a big guy doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish. Outland Denim will keep you looking dapper with their denim jackets that come in sizes as large as XXL and their jeans that come as big as 40×34.

Keeping a small overhead, Outland Denim treats all their seamstresses well by paying them a living wage and supporting them in their futures. They have a holistic approach to the manufacturing process and keep all aspects of production in mind.

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Finding athletic wear as a big and tall guy can be a struggle, but don’t fear because Cotopaxi is here! Cotopaxi sells quality clothes for the outdoorsman.

They sell jackets, activewear, tees, and bottoms up to a 2XL. Cotopaxi is a certified B Corp and tie 1% of their annual revenues to their foundation, the Cotopaxi Foundation.

Their foundation supports global poverty by “boost[ing their] grantmaking, democratizes [their] impact, and helps [them] make a bigger difference in the communities [they] touch.” Touching every aspect of their company, they promote doing good in all aspects of life.

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Indigenous makes quality clothing from materials like organic cotton and alpaca fur. They have many options for men who wear an XXL including sweaters, jackets, and cardigan shirts.

Keeping their artisans in mind, Indigenous promotes equality and artistry in the fashion industry.

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If you are a yogi who never seems to fit into the smaller sizes that yoga brands cater to, you’re in luck. prAna has big and tall guys covered not only for yoga wear, but also for casual wear.

They sell some flannels as large as XXXL and some of their shirts as big as XXL. prAna’s pants go up to XXL and have a long 34” inseam, while their shorts go up to a 42” waist.

prAna believes that in every step of their manufacturing, they should strive to create the most sustainable fashion.

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French sneaker company Veja is all about transparency and quality. Their stylish sneakers come in sizes as large as a 13. Elegant, yet simple, Veja makes an extremely versatile shoe.

Veja works to create jobs for people who are less fortunate and are at a disadvantage in the work world. On Veja’s website, they demonstrate transparent values by showing consumers where their money is going.

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MUD Jeans

Finding jeans that fit can be a challenge, especially if you typically shop in the big and tall section. MUD Jeans makes their jeans in sizes as big as 38×34.

They also promote a circular economy by using recycled materials and limiting their impact during production by “eliminat[ing] PP spray, us[ing] Cradle2Cradle (C2C) indigo dye and …recycl[ing] 95% of its water through reverse osmosis.”

MUD Jeans keeps you looking fresh while saving the planet. If you’re an eco-warrior this is the brand for you.


Dutch clothing brand Kuyichi believes that all clothing should be enjoyed by the consumer and the producer. That’s why they promise to only use the best of materials and to treat their workers with dignity.

Kuyichi makes jeans up to a 36 waist and 34 length so even the taller guys can enjoy their denim.


Innovators in the sustainable fashion community, ARMEDANGELS continues to come through with quality and sustainable clothing options that emphasize inclusivity of people of all shapes and sizes. Their t-shirts are made in sizes up to 2XL and their jeans come as large as a 36 waist and 34 length.

ARMEDANGELS looks at all aspects of clothing; everything from the production, to the cleaning, to the disposing of their goods is kept in mind during the design process. They even make sure to avoid harmful dyes that can otherwise make their way into our waterways!


Finisterre has a large array of clothing suitable for big and tall men. Their shirts, jackets, hoodies, sweats, and knitwear are sold in sizes as big as 2XL and they make swimwear in sizes up to 38.

If you are a surfer or just have a passion for the sea, Finisterre is the brand for you.


We love ECOALF because they are constantly making improvements to their brand in order to create the most sustainable products. They sell jackets, coats, vests, t shirts, shorts, polos, sweaters, and swimwear in sizes as large as 2XL and their pants come as big as a 40 waist.

In 2015, ECOALF began their Upcycling the Oceans project in which they collect trash from oceans around the world and turn them into high quality garments. Although it may not look like it, all their products are made from recycled materials like plastic nets from the ocean!

What Else?

Thrifting can also be a cheap sustainable way of shopping for our big and tall friends. You never know what you’ll find thrifting, especially online!

Let’s face it; if you’re a big guy shopping for clothes can be a hassle, let alone shopping for ethically made clothes. Now with this list, you can find big and tall clothing that’s not only super stylish, but also made responsibly.

What is your favorite brand from the list?

*Article updated 6/19/21

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8 thoughts on “17 Sustainable Clothing Brands for Big and Tall Men”

  1. I was a bit disappointed because only one of the websites have pants longer than 34. My tall, but not big, son is a 34×36.

    1. Hey Rachel, thank you for your comment. I hear you there, we want to highlight the best options right now for sustainable and big / tall but the choices are somewhat limited. All of Taylor Stitch’s pants come in 36″ inseams (I’m sure that’s the brand you referenced) and are really great pants. One brand we didn’t mention – Nudie Jeans offers 36″ inseams for jeans: https://shop.ecostylist.co/6lH
      Best, Garik

  2. This list is not even remotely catering to true big and tall sizing, nothing over a 40 waist or beyond a 3x. It’s really disappointing to see that even menswear companies can’t seem to get on the plus size fashion band wagon.

    1. M, we hear your frustrations and agree that more options are needed for plus size men. With this article we are limited by the 46 sustainable brands that pass our criteria but as our brands list grows, and as the brands themselves grow and offer more sizing, we will update the article with more options.

  3. This list is useless for anyone that is either big or tall. Any tall man needs a 36 length at least. I’m tall and athletic build. I doubt any of these brands would fit.

    1. Hey Josh – thanks for your feedback. As a lot of these brand are fairly new sizing can be a challenge. That being said, what are your sizes? We’d love to help you find a few things.

  4. I wish you would have put in a little more effort when researching these brands. Take Organic Basics, for example. Look at their size charts. What they call ‘XXL’ isn’t even ‘XL’ in most other brands. This article would be a lot more useful (and accurate) if you looked up actual sizes rather than ambiguous ‘XXL’ designations.

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