Sustainable Streetwear: Everything You Need to Know

This article is a guest post by the VOU.

Here are our top 5 style tips to help you find the best streetwear fashion that matches your conscious style. As in, you care about a cause, such as vegan, and now you can show that.

Streetwear has become a widely popular dressing trend in recent years. Everybody feels more comfortable and relaxed in a bomber jacket rather than wearing a suit jacket.

So don’t be surprised next time you see people walking around you wearing similar styles.


Another reason behind the growth of the streetwear styles trend is not only the comfortable feeling it gives you but also the cool and youthful look. However, some people believe that streetwear is only for the youth and younger generations, or at least for those under the age of 25.

But that is not the case. Streetwear fashion can be worn with great effect by those over 40, men and women alike.

However, there is one critical condition: know how to style and match it to showcase the image as well as the message you’re trying to convey.

That’s why WTVOX decided to help you get to know how to wear the right streetwear for you. To send the right message, be that mature, luxurious, or conscious, or even all 3 at the same time!

1. Go For Vegan Statement Shoes

Shoes are an essential part of every streetwear fashion look. That’s why, when you choose your shoes, make sure that they match your outfit, and for those wishing to rock the conscious style, that it sends the right message.

For example, you don’t want to wear a pair of leather shoes and pretend you’re a vegan lover. Yes, it was difficult to find the right shoes in the past, but things have changed recently.

A wider range of vegan and eco-friendly stylish sneakers are coming out every year. So, if you’re conscious in your message, your streetwear fashion choices no longer cost an arm and a leg.

Moreover, you can now show people that you care about animals and the environment through your choice for apparel. Go get it and show them who you are!

For example, Stella McCartney Loop sneakers are the perfect vegan statement shoe. They look good, and also fit into your conscious and vegan lifestyle. Also check out Thousand Fell, Koio, and Veja, for more affordable options!

2. Timeless Pieces Are Always The Best

You must also keep in mind that most of the fashion trends do not last forever. For streetwear, we can say the same. What looks fantastic now might look dated in 2-3 years.

Therefore, always invest in timeless pieces and brands which you can wear even after the trend is gone.

Marimekko is such a unique brand whose designs are not only timeless but also sustainable. Also check out Nudie Jeans, Colorful Standard, and Kotn.

3. Choose Premium Fabrics That Are Also Eco-Friendly

At the time when streetwear was still gaining popularity, designers often used fabrics that were giving garments a lot of strength.

However, the final result was always boxy and unflattering, without a premium or high-quality look.

Nowadays most companies use innovative materials to generate their streetwear, which lasts much longer than before while also looking good. But sadly not all of them are eco-friendly and vegan.

Thus, when you choose ‘premium fabric quality’ apparel, made by brands with good reputations, ensure that you also pay attention to the message of the garments.

4. Oversize Your Style, But Not Too Much

Oversized and baggy clothes can look cool. However, don’t oversize your clothes too much because that can take away from the sophisticated look of your style.

If you love oversized clothes, one good way to wear them is by checking the ‘overall fit’ of your outfit. Is everything you’re wearing really loose? Then it’s not in balance and probably looks like your clothes don’t fit you.

Instead you can try striking balance in your outfit. For example, you could pair a regular fit t-shirt with slim jeans and an oversized button-up shirt. Try it for yourself and see how great it looks.

5. Don’t Be Loud With The Logos

Just like with the luxury labels, with sustainable fashion you must always choose streetwear that comes with a minimal look and subtle logo.

Avoid garments and shoes which have flashy and big logos. In that case, it is the logo that catches others attention rather than your overall look.

Finally, as vegan streetwear fashion develops its own style, based on unwritten rules, it relies on you to use it and deploy conscious messages of love for animals and nature, for generations to come.

What streetwear questions do you have? Let us know!

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Author Bio: Mandeep Sidhu is a contributor for The VOU, a leading fashion publication.

*Article updated 7/17/22.


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