Nudie Jeans Breezy Britt Rinsed Malibu High Waist Regular Tapered Fit


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High waist regular fit jeans with a tapered leg made in organic denim. These jeans are made from a beautiful, pure-indigo, denim with a lovely structure. Its clear diagonal twill-lines gives it both a rich vintage look and hand. We have treated these jeans with a rinse which in part gives them a slightly duller hue. But primarily it pronounces the perhaps most beautiful aspect of the denim, its tendency to slightly skew and pucker. This aspect renders a beautiful marble structure which is reminiscent of how some stunning denim looked during the ’80s and ’90s. With wearing and washing this effect will become more pronounced, but where abrasions are most focused, such as thighs and back pockets, a flatter surface with clear twill lines will emerge. In short, these beautiful jeans will age with style, becoming even more beautiful with wearing and washing.


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