Cotopaxi Hielo 12L Cooler Bag – Del Día


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Made partially from repurposed materials, the Hielo is a colorful cooler bag that makes eating and drinking in nature more convenient… and more refreshing. 100% food safe, this cooler features a roll top with a buckle closure, as well as a wide mouth opening with a metal frame for easy access. A welded, waterproof liner and repurposed foam insulation keep snacks and beverages cool, while an exterior water bottle pocket holds your H2O. Carry the Hielo using its side carry strap or back grab handle, and take it anywhere: the park, the campsite, or the fishing hole. And because the Hielo is Del Día, each cooler sports a one-of-a-kind colorway. We’ve updated our pricing to account for the labor involved in allowing you to choose your own Del Día. Choose “Surprise Me” for a lower price and a complete surprise. | Cotopaxi Hielo 12L Cooler Bag – Del Día








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