Be the First to Support Zero Waste Fashion: Only September 19-23

Join us for the first ever Impact Shopping Week between Sept 19th and 23rd, 2022.

What Is Impact Shopping Week?

Impact Shopping Week Website

A 5 day online event where you can pre-order special styles and colors from 8 sustainable brands. This made to order fashion only gets made if it reaches the minimum quantity needed, which helps eliminate waste from production!

YOU control what is hot and what gets dropped. We are enabling shoppers to make an impact before a single stitch is sewn. When we wear designs that succeed in the process, we feel the positive impact of our choices. Our choices make a difference – simply by doing what we love: shopping!

How Can You Support This Movement? 

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Clothing Waste: A Big Problem

Did you know? 30% of all fashion made never gets sold. Things that are produced, shipped, stocked in stores… to never be worn or used by anyone.

They end up in landfills or burned. You may have heard about H&M or Burberry burning unsold clothes, or the more recent scandal where Coach destroyed and discarded unsold bags.

To combat this problem we teamed up with Sangrove®, a technology platform designed to help brands solve this big issue. By powering brands to utilize a made to order model, we can start reducing the waste created from on demand fashion.

Let’s unite in fighting our mutual enemies: waste and over-production. As a team of idealists, we invite you to change your shopping habits – from impulse to Impact – focusing on preempting waste of unsold goods and saving natural resources.

Meet The Brands Pioneering This Movement

Discover the trailblazers: brands sponsoring this innovative new way to shop sustainably! Impact Shopping Week is being kicked off by:

impact shopping week sustainable brands
  • Arvin Goods – socks made from upcycled and recycled materials. Eco-Stylist Rating: Certified.
  • Adelante – made to order shoes by craftspeople who are paid living wages. Eco-Stylist Rating: Silver.
  • Astor & Orion – fully circular jewelry with a focus on earrings and necklaces. Eco-Stylist Rating: Certified.
  • Vustra – sustainable menswear brand with a great selection of shirts. Eco-Stylist Rating: Silver.
  • Kamen Road – carefully sourced bags made in the USA and designed to last a lifetime. Eco-Stylist Rating: Certified.
  • Triarchy – sustainably made denim. Eco-Stylist Rating: Silver.
  • Voyce Threads – mismatched socks that cause conversations about issues you care about. Eco-Stylist Rating: Certified.
  • Left Edit – sustainable womenswear brand with beautiful essential pieces. Goodonyou Rating: Great.

Go to Impact Shopping Week to support these brands!

What Makes These Brands Sustainable?

All of the brands participating in Impact Shopping Week are Certified by Eco-Stylist or Goodonyou, so you know these brands are among the best brands for people and planet.

Sustainable fashion is not just about buying less—it is also about supporting the next generation of brands, brands that are more responsible to the planet and create good jobs with fair wages. If we don’t support these brands, they simply won’t exist.

Sustainable fashion is, of course, also about looking in your own closet, rewearing, repurposing, refurbishing, and thrifting. There are many valid approaches to building a more sustainable closet, and you can learn more about them here.

Is This Actually ‘Zero Waste’ Fashion? 

Zero waste has been defined many different ways and just like how no brand is 100% sustainable, no brand is 100% zero waste. When we think about fashion specifically, huge amounts of waste come from the demand side, and from manufacturers making clothes that go unsold.

What we have here is a group of sustainable brands reducing or eliminating that demand side waste by committing to made to order fashion. Additionally, these brands are already conscious about, and taking various steps to reduce, the waste in other parts of their supply chains.

Vote With Your Wallet

woman supporting impact shopping week

The idea is simple: if we shop collectively BEFORE fashion is made, we can push the manufacturers to produce ONLY the goods that we want, and weed out those that we don’t. 

We have a chance to vote with our wallets and help make good brands even more efficient and sustainable. Together – as a society, as consumers – we can make a huge impact. 

On the Impact Shopping platform, created by Sangrove®, the amazing people behind these exceptional brands are willing to let go and give control of the story to you, to us. This may mean that a design never makes it to production. Because we don’t want it. Or, it could mean that it is a screaming success, and we launch it into the stratosphere. In either case it’s win-win-win, putting you in control, helping brands get smarter, and helping the planet by reducing waste.

In the end, the impact that we make collectively – as consumers and brands – is measured as a reduction in carbon footprint and recorded on the blockchain to avert greenwashing.

We Need Your Help: Please Share! 

To change the fashion industry and cut waste we need to reach as far and wide as possible to spread the word. Here’s 2 super easy ways you can help us:

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Impact Shopping Week-Be first buy before production to create zero waste
Impact Shopping Week-Let's make the future of fashion sustainable
Impact Shopping Week-the more you shop the less they waste

Meet the Creators of Impact Shopping Week

Sangrove, the minds and technology behind the scenes that get to the root of overproduction. Sangrove’s scaled up made-to-order technology enables, measures and communicates the impact that we create when shopping. 

Eco-Stylist, your go-to source for sustainable fashion, with a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable clothing by cultivating a community of brands you can trust. 

With the marketing support of Good On You, the world’s leading source for sustainable fashion and a community of over 1M+ conscious consumers, backed by Emma Watson.  

Join us for the first Impact Shopping Week, September 19th – 23rd

The more you shop, the less they waste.


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