Men's Style Consultations

Dapper Man Styled by Eco-Stylist

How It Works

Ready to start fending off compliments?

Eco-Stylist offers one-on-one style consulting for men–in person (in Iowa City, IA) and remotely via your preferred platform.

Feel more confident, put together, and, most importantly, more like you. Book your appointment today for results tomorrow. 

Whether you want to upgrade, explore, or experiment with your style, we can help.

List of Services

Stage 1 - Wardrobe Renovation (3-4 hours)

We’ll talk about your style goals, where you are today, and where you’d like to go. Includes:

  • Wardrobe analysis 
  • Closet clean-out 
  • Fit assessment 
  • Outfit creation with what you have
Stage 2 - Custom Look Book Creation (3-4 hours)

After your Wardrobe Renovation, we’ll take your style needs + wardrobe and build you a custom Look Book of styles. Includes:

  • Great outfit ideas
  • Defining your new style 
  • Preparation for the shopping list
Stage 3 - Personal Shopping List (3-4 hours)

We’ll prepare you a custom shopping list based on your new image + needs from the Wardrobe Renovation. Includes:

  • Outfit ideas
  • Clothes tailored to your style
  • Eco-Stylist approved items
Stage 4 (Optional) - New Outfit Creation (3-4 hours)

After stages 1-3 together, you have the option of a final stage where we bring it all back together. Includes:

  • Assembling outfits with a combination of your new + old items
  • Taking pictures
  • A document of new outfit ideas
Special Event Styling (1-4 hours)

Preparing for a wedding or a very special night? We will discuss your needs and discuss next steps, which could include:

  • Creating an outfit with what you have 
  • Adding ways to polish your look
  • Personalized shopping suggestions

No matter what, we’ll make sure you look amazing for your special event.

Other Services

  • Custom Consulting
  • Grooming Advice
  • Cargo Short Removal


  • $35/half hour
  • New Look Package – $500 flat rate  
    • Includes Stages 1-3
    • Wardrobe Renovation, Custom Look Book Creation, and Personal Shopping List