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Rating: Silver

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Home Country: Canada

LDI Score: 1/8


Two Leaves Earned
  • Tentree has a detailed factory list available on the website and regularly audits their suppliers. 

  • Tentree provides their suppliers with a Code of Conduct

Room for improvement:

  • Tentree can improve on transparency by sharing audit reports and wages to the public.

Fair Labor

Three Leaves Earned
  • Tentree requires suppliers to follow their Code of Conduct ensuring their workers a living wage, no forced labor, and safe working conditions.

  • Tentree is piloting involvement at the community level by planting trees in communities all over the world.

  • Tentree also invests in their factory workers by ensuring adequate rest days and providing essential insurance coverage.

Sustainably Made

Two Leaves Earned
  • Tentree works with manufacturers to reduce emissions and encourage sustainability. They partner with programs such as Eden Reforestation Projects working to reduce extreme poverty and restore healthy forests by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year.

  • They only source eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and hemp, using no animal products, considering their usage and recycling of waste.

  • Tentree also has a commitment to replace all single-use packaging with more sustainable options, with the goal to eliminate single-use packaging by 2023.

Room for Improvement:

  • Tentree can improve Sustainably Made by increasing the longevity of their products with repair services as well as introducing wastewater guidelines.

Overall Score: 71

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Last Updated: 6/13/21

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