Pour Over Coffee Maker by Ten Thousand Villages

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Home Country: USA

LDI Score: 0/8


Three Leaves Earned
  • Ten Thousand Villages provide detailed information of makers on their blog.
  • Ten Thousand Villages is fair trade certified and a member of the World Fair Trade organization.
  • Their products list the country it was made in and the name of the artisan who made it.

Fair Labor

Three Leaves Earned
  • Ten Thousand Villages ensures makers earn a fair wage in safe working conditions by asking their suppliers what they want to be paid and ensuring the price given covers costs and the sustainability of the building.

  • They also visit the workshops where the handmade crafts are made.

  • Ten Thousand Villages is committed to talking with their makers and suppliers to ensure sustainability and to reach agreements.

Sustainably Made

Two Leaves Earned
  • Ten Thousand Villages uses locally sourced, recycled, and renewable materials.

  • Ten Thousand Villages puts efforts to minimize their footprint by supporting re-use and energy efficiency within artisan workshops and along the supply chain. 

Room for Improvement:

  • Sustainably Made can be improved by providing products with a low carbon footprint through conscious designs.

Overall Score: 60

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Last Updated: 3/28/21

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