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Rating: Certified

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Home Country: USA

LDI Score: 0/8


Two Leaves Earned
  • Tact & Stone discloses information about the factories their products are produced in as well as some information about manufacturing facilities.
  • They are Fair Trade and GOTS certified ensuring transparency throughout their supply chain.

Room for Improvement:

  • Transparency can be improved by providing specific factory conditions and wages.

Fair Labor

Three Leaves Earned
  • Tact & Stone holds a variety of certifications at every factory to ensure fair wages.
  • The certifications help ensure:
    • The supply chain complies with international labor standards
    • Human and labor right risks are addressed
    • Factories are assessed regularly

Sustainably Made

Three Leaves Earned
  • 100% of the pieces are made from more sustainable fabrics.
  • Backed by GOTS and Fair Trade certifications, Tact & Stone focuses on conserving water throughout their supply chain.
  • Tact & Stone reduces landfill waste with recyclable product packaging.

Room for Improvement:

  • Sustainably made can be improved by developing a program for circularity.

Overall Score: 67

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Last Updated: 3/28/21

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