Po-Zu Men's Vegetarian Sneakers

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Home Country: UK

LDI Score: 0/8


Two Leaves Earned
  • Po-Zu discloses the origins of their raw materials here.

  • All the shoes are made in carefully sourced factories in Portugal and Sri Lanka.

  • Po-Zu is certified by the Ethical Company Organizations and has been ranked no. one shoe brand by the good shopping guide for 11 consecutive years.

Room for Improvement:

  • Transparency can be improved by providing information of every step of the supply chain.

Fair Labor

Two Leaves Earned
  • Po-Zu provide profiles of their master shoemakers on their website.

  • Their suppliers are required to follow the Environmental and Ethical Conduct Charter for Suppliers.

  • The Charter ensures makers throughout the supply chain are treated in a fair and ethical way.

  • Their strict Solvent Free policy protect makers from the hazardous and harmful solvent based substances and glues.

Room for Improvement:

  • Fair Labor can be improved through a Fair Trade certification.

Sustainably Made

Three Leaves Earned
  • Po-Zu is committed to using high quality, renewable, and low impact material wherever possible.
  • The shoes are made from natural and sustainable materials such as linen, organic cotton, Piñatex®, Frumat apple skin, Eco Microfibre, Cork, Coir, and natural rubber.
  • All materials are responsibly harvested and are naturally renewable sources.
  • Po-Zu recycles nearly all of their waste products and has a strict non toxic policy.

Overall Score: 60

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Last Updated: 3/28/21

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