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Rating: Silver

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Home Country: USA

LDI Score: 4/8


Three Leaves Earned
  • Patagonia received a perfect score in transparency.
  • They disclose the names and locations of every facility in their supply chain and the conditions within the factories.
  • Patagonia addresses subcontracting, discloses an extensive level of supply chain traceability, and engages manufacturing facilities to promote human rights and environmental sustainability.

Fair Labor

Three Leaves Earned
  • Patagonia ensures their factories are in compliance with Fair Labor Association policies.
  • ⅔ of Patagonia’s manufacturers are Fair Trade certified.
  • If a supplier’s wages do not meet the needs of the workers, suppliers must work with Patagonia to create a fair wage.

Sustainably Made

Three Leaves Earned
  • Patagonia has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2025.
  • More than 50% of their products are made with more sustainable materials.
  • Patagonia invests in closed-loop capabilities with their garment recycling program and repair services, as well as their lifetime guarantee.

Overall Score: 73

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Last Updated: 3/28/21

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