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Home Country: New Zealand

LDI Score: 0/8


Two Leaves Earned
  • Icebreaker provides a complete factory list with descriptions of the factories and suppliers. 

  • Icebreaker’s website maps out the location of its growers and provides details regarding their animal friendly farming. 

Room for Improvement: 

  • Icebreaker can improve transparency by providing concrete evidence on their ethical wages such as charts or graphs posted on the website regarding workers’ pay and benefits.

Fair Labor

Two Leaves Earned
  • Icebreaker’s supply chain consists of direct relationships with forty expert suppliers across fifty-nine factories. 

  • Icebreaker has audit results of 9.2/10 which demonstrates ethical factories.

Room for Improvement: 

  • Icebreaker can improve upon their fair labor practices by implementing community building projects such as education bonuses to workers. 

  • Icebreaker could provide publicly available audit reports that disclose their wages.

Sustainably Made

Three Leaves Earned
  • Icebreaker release their water consumption and Co2 emissions publicly; each garment requires 556 liters of water and 21.3 kilograms of Co2.

  • Icebreaker is shifting their focus to biodegradable packaging to minimize their waste management.

  • Icebreaker utilizes a closed loop system by taking wood pulp from Tencel farming and transforming it into cellulosic fibers for their products.

Overall Score: 65

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Last Updated: 6/12/21

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