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LDI Score: 8/8


Three Leaves Earned
  • Adelante owns, operates, and monitors one factory, on a daily basis, in Pastores, Guatemala. All of their shoes are made in this factory.
  • They’re not only transparent about where the shoes are made, but also the wages and wellbeing of their employers through their yearly impact reports.
  • The makers sign the shoes they produce and are introduced through Adelante’s social media and impact reports.

Fair Labor

Three Leaves Earned
  • Adelante pays their workers in Guatemala above a living wage. Check out employee wages in 2019.
  • Adelante invest in worker wellbeing by measuring their workers quality of life year over year, and looking for how they can improve it through the “Living Well Line.”
  • During COVID-19 Adelante started a relief fund to deliver care packages of food and essentials to unemployed craftsmen in Pastores.

Sustainably Made

One Leaf Earned
  • Adelante uses vegetable tanned leather, a safer and less toxic alternative method to produce footwear.
  • Adelante’s carbon footprint is reduced by hand making the shoes.
  • Adelante reduces waste by making shoes to order and eliminating excess inventory.
  • The shoes are resoleable to encourage longevity.

Room for Improvement:

  • Sustainability can be improved by measuring their environmental footprint, and making a plan to reduce it.
  • Additionally, Adelante can explore a more eco-friendly fabric alternative to leather.

Overall Score: 56

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Last Updated: 3/19/21

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