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Exclusive deals on conscious menswear from a few of our favorite brand partners. Don’t forget the coupon code! 

Organic Cotton Button-up Shirts | Vustra
  • 100% organic cotton men’s shirts
  • Made in Fair Trade factories
  • California based company
  • Use coupon code ECOSTYLIST for 30% off
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Handmade Leather Shoes | Adelante
  • Adelante Shoe Co. pays workers a living wage
  • Making shoes by hand reduces the carbon footprint 
  • Boston based company
  • Use promo code EcoStylist25 for $25 off
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Eco-friendly Sunglasses | Dick Moby
  • Made from recycled plastic and plant based acetate

  • The microfiber cloth is made from 7 recycled plastic bottles

  • Amsterdam based company

  • Use discount code ecostylist10 for 5% off
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Zero Waste Hats | Topiku
  • The button is made from recycled aluminum cans, the base from upcycled organic cotton, the patch from upcycled leather scraps, and the brim from recycled plastic

  • California based company

  • Use discount code ECOSTYLIST10 for 10% off
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Basics | Organic Basics
  • GOTS certified organic cotton tees, underwear, & socks

  • Organic Basics pays living wages across the supply chain

  • 100% recycled packaging

  • Denmark based company

  • Use coupon code ECOOBC for $15 off your order!
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