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Sometimes the simplest designs are the most sophisticated, and the Portofino in Smoked Oak is a testament to that. Strobel-constructed for superior flexibility, it’s handcrafted from Italian suede and unlined to give it a weightless, breathable feel. The sole is custom-developed with FSC-certified and recycled rubberso it’s sustainable and durable.Handmade in Tuscany, Italy; Constructed from LWG-certified Italian suede (Cow); Set on a 100% rubber sole (50% natural, 40% recycled, 10% conventional); Tightly stitched for water resistance; Threaded with waxed cotton laces; Fitted with an OrthoLite Hybrid insole; Finished with hand-painted edges; ::Tab::LWG-certified suede:This sneaker is made from suede that’s certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG), meaning the hides are responsibly tanned in facilities that safely and carefully manage emissions, energy and water consumption, and waste.FSC-certified natural rubber:50% of this sneaker’s sole is Forest Stewardship Council-certified (FSC) natural rubber. This certification ensures the rubber is sourced from a forest that’s responsibly managed to prevent deforestation.Recycled materials:40% of this sneaker’s sole is recycled rubber. It also has an OrthoLite Hybrid insole made with recycled foam and rubber from previous production processes.








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