Did You See Our Guest Post for DoneGood?

In case you missed it, back in September we wrote an evergreen men’s fashion article for DoneGood. It’s called The Ultimate Guide to Ethical Men’s Casual Wear.

The article breaks down dressing well into 5 simple tips. Those tips are:

  1. Keep it simple with solid men’s staples
  2. Get neutral-tone shoes to match with your outfits
  3. Match the colors of your outfit
  4. Check the balance of your outfit
  5. Manage the overall fit of your outfit

Throughout the article we recommend ethical and sustainable brands so you can not only look good, but make a positive impact while you’re doing it. After all, who says sustainability isn’t stylish?

For more details and a super simple breakdown of each step, head over to DoneGood and give it a read.

Haven’t Heard of DoneGood?

If you aren’t familiar with DoneGood, that’s ok. Let’s get acquainted.

DoneGood has a cool browser plugin for Chrome that we love using. Simply download it and you’ll get ethical and sustainable shopping alternatives in real time, as you shop online.

We love that the plugin works seamlessly in the background. For example, if you’re browsing online to buy something, DoneGood will notify you of ethical and sustainable brands that you can buy from instead.

If you’re looking for jeans, the plugin will let you know about alternative approved brands to check out. They also offer discounts for their brands which really sweetens the deal.

DoneGood Chrome Browser Plugin In Action
The DoneGood plugin is recommending alternative brands to J.Crew.

DoneGood is a certified B Corporation and vets each of their brands for ethical and sustainable practices. They are the amazon of positive impact purchases.

From meeting several of their crew, we can also say that they’re great folks.

Got any men’s style questions? Let us know in the comments 🙂


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