Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is an emerging segment of the clothing industry focused on high quality gear that respects the people who made it and the planet. Look for sustainable fashion news such as emerging brands, the latest conferences, who’s who in the space, what makes a brand ethical or sustainable, and more.

4 Ways Slow Fashion Brands Can Be More Sustainable

4 Ways Brands Can Be More Sustainable

As the world around us continues to evolve, the world of fashion is certainly not one to be left behind. In the current day and age, we have record breaking winters, a west coast consumed by wildfires (that turn the sky a frightening shade of red), oil spills compromising our […]

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Our Updated Criteria

DEI Our Updated Criteria

At Eco-Stylist, we promote brands who are making a difference in the sustainable fashion industry. For the past two years, we’ve been partnered with Remake, using their sustainable brand criteria to research and evaluate brands on a number of factors, including transparency, environmental sustainability, maker well-being, use of sustainable raw […]

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How to Afford a Sustainable Closet

How to Afford a Sustainable Closet

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking to update your wardrobe. But, you’re not heading to the usual places – Zara, H&M, Express – for a quick and cheap fashion update. Instead, you’re looking to create a more lasting wardrobe, from brands that don’t rely on unethical and destructive […]

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Why planting trees doesn’t always help offset carbon.

Why planting trees doesn’t always help offset carbon

An increasingly popular method for offsetting carbon, addressing climate change, and improving air quality is to plant trees. There are many initiatives dedicated to tree planting, but are these programs making a positive impact on the planet, or could they actually be harming the environment instead? The Bad Contrary to […]

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Emerging Brand Vustra on Sustainability, Fashion, and 2021

Vustra Talks Sustainability Fashion and 2021

Vustra is an up-and-coming sustainable fashion brand based out of San Francisco who focuses on producing men’s fashion, particularly button down shirts. I, Catherine, a writer at Eco-Stylist, sat down (well, Zoomed) with Vustra’s co-founder, Parth Desai, to talk fashion, sustainability, and what the future holds for the brand. The […]

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Thrifting is a solution, but it’s not the solution. Here’s why.

Why Thrifting is Not a Silver Bullet

Thrifting and buying used is a great option for many people to sustainably buy clothes, but is it the most ethical option, as it is often presented? In a thread on ethical clothing habits, Eco-Stylist presented another angle; supporting brands that create sustainable clothing and pay their workers fairly is […]

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What Happened to Alternative Apparel?

How Sustainable is Alternative Apparel?

Atlanta-based brand, Alternative Apparel was established back in 1995. They were pioneers in sustainable and ethical fashion, and naturally, as the sustainability market grew so did the company. Under their original ownership, they were able to pass our sustainable brand criteria (powered by Remake) with a score of 53/100. But things […]

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