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16 Ways To Do Good For Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Week
Earth Day is right around the corner and many people want to dedicate their April 22nd to Mother Nature while making a meaningful impact. But did you know April 20th – 26th is also Fashion Revol…
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Can What a Man Wears Challenge Modern Slavery?
The Situation Modern Slavery is a large issue globally. Today, it is estimated that 40 million people are trapped in what is known as modern slavery. Of those 40 million, 25% are children and 12.5% ar…
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12 Ethical Men's Brands in the US You Should Know About
Here’s 12 go-to conscious men’s brands to cover all your wardrobe needs. These brands are all based in the US so Americans, you won’t pay any premium on shipping or increase your carbon footprin…
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An Insider's Look at the Ethical Fashion Industry
Earlier this month I went to Remode, the largest gathering of ethical fashion change makers in the US, and this was its first year running. The conference, held in Los Angeles on November 13-14th, foc…
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Way more approachable than you think ;)
In case you missed it, back in September we wrote an evergreen men’s fashion article for DoneGood. It’s called The Ultimate Guide to Ethical Men’s Casual Wear. The article breaks dow…
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6 Ethical Sweaters for the Guy in Your Life
Fall, winter, and spring can only mean one thing: sweater weather. That’s right, it’s not just about changing weather and imbibing lattes. There’s a good chance you could use some wa…
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How to Make a Positive Impact Recycling Your Old Clothes
Your Old Clothes are Creating an Environmental Catastrophe According to the EPA, only 15% of clothing in the United States gets reused or recycled. You heard that right—85% of used textiles end …
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Veja Esplar Leather Sneakers
Shoes are one of the most important parts of a man’s wardrobe. Not just because they protect our feet or because it’s literally the last thing you put on. They are the finishing touch that…
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Everything You Buy Has An Impact | Blog Article
The Story of an Apple When you buy an apple from grocery store A, you give them money and you receive an apple. Effectively, you are supporting that business as well as the livelihoods of the people w…
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